In 2014, an MIT Sloan MBA student completed a research study on the ROI of the marketing software we’ll use with your company. The study revealed that within one year of implementing the program, businesses saw significant increases in visitors to their website per month, which translated into a sizable increase in leads per month within the same period.

Our focus on your campaign will revolve around traffic and a growth in lead conversions. And because we analyze every aspect of your growth metrics and share that data with you and your team, the return being generated by the investment of your marketing spend will be consistently transparent.

Still wondering about the level of lead generation opportunities IQnection can produce for your firm? If so, consider the following key findings – they come from a number of different studies that have recently looked at the effects of the online marketing efforts we implement daily.

• In 2014, online marketing-dominated organizations experienced a lower cost per lead (CPL) than outbound marketing-dominated organizations.

• Overall, users of the online marketing methods championed by IQnection experience a significant increase in leads, and most see increases in sales within as little as four months.

• In 2013, the rate of social media adoption doubled among small businesses.

• 79% of the Global Fortune 100 now use at least one social media channel, with Twitter emerging as the social media platform of choice.

• Marketers who have prioritized blogging within the last year are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive ROI.

• Companies that strongly align their sales and marketing teams see unprecedented levels of annual revenue growth.

The bottom line? You’ll spend less per lead using IQnection’s strategy than you will through traditional marketing methods. Perhaps even more important, your sales cycle will be significantly shortened. We look forward to telling you more about how the return on your marketing investment can grow exponentially with the help of IQnection’s online methodology.