BBack Car Care

BBack Car Care is a family-owned independent auto repair center in Doylestown, PA, dedicated to helping its customers love their cars again. The company was founded by Bob Back in 1984 and has continually expanded its services to include factory scheduled maintenance, engine diagnostics, oil changes, tire sales & installation, brake repair, PA safety and emissions car inspections, and more. BBack’s commitment to providing warm, friendly customer service and high-quality mechanical work has helped them establish a loyal customer base and a reputation as a trusted car care provider in Doylestown and Bucks County.

We knew BBack Car Care owners Kevin & Bobbie Hicks, and their staff, even before we started working with them as their marketing agency. In fact, our President & CEO, Greg Cawood, was a long-time BBack customer. So, when they approached us in March 2022 to attract more local customers, we eagerly accepted the chance to showcase this genuinely friendly and hard-working team using a locally-focused digital marketing strategy emphasizing SEO best practices to promote their business.


Direct to Consumer, well respected car repair shop

Solutions Provided:

(SEO) Strategy


As one of many local car care companies serving Doylestown and Bucks County, BBack Car Care faces fierce competition in a saturated market. With so many car care options available, our challenge was to use the power of local digital marketing to differentiate BBack from its competitors and help them stand out in a crowded field. In addition, we aimed to help BBack gain more search engine visibility and compel its target to choose them over its competitors.


We developed a local SEO strategy to drive more traffic through BBack’s doors while effectively communicating its unique value proposition, helping to differentiate it from other car care companies in the area. Our messaging strategy emphasized the benefits of a warm and friendly mom & pop shop experience, with staff and mechanics who genuinely care about the safety and efficiency of their customers’ cars. This approach would contribute to BBack’s goal of attracting and retaining multiple generations of customers, becoming a trusted mechanic for the whole family.

Implementing the local SEO strategy included the following tactics:

Keyword Research

Using advanced keyword research and analysis tools, we identified the most relevant and high-traffic keywords for Doylestown and Bucks County based on the business areas BBack wanted to promote and grow. These growth areas included auto repair, car maintenance, oil changes, wheel alignment, PA car inspections, and brake repair. Then, we evaluated the competition in the area and adjusted the list of targeted keywords, narrowing it down to 20 target keywords that would form the foundation of our local SEO work.

Strategic Link Building

Strategic link building is an effective tactic we used to help BBack improve its domain authority and drive new and returning customers to its website. Our process involves acquiring high-quality links to BBack’s website through various methods, such as local listings, content marketing, and other effective link-building techniques. Our savvy team utilizes the latest tools and advanced expertise to achieve these results.

Technical SEO

We assigned our technical SEO team to complete essential back-end work to help BBack climb up on search engine results pages (SERPs). This involved optimizing BBack’s core website metrics, such as mobility, security, and on-site trust signals. We also ensured website pages and blogs were visible to search engines and optimized for quality and originality. As a result, BBack’s website now stands out to search engines and potential customers searching for local car care services.

SEO Content Creation

We focused on creating and enhancing SEO content as part of BBack’s local SEO strategy, crafting a library of high-quality, engaging blog articles that resonated with BBack’s target audience and search engines. Additionally, we reviewed the language used throughout the website to ensure it aligned with BBack’s desired tone of warmth and friendliness.

Social Media

Social media management played a vital role in BBack’s local SEO strategy in three ways. Firstly, we used top social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to share links to BBack’s original content, strengthening our link-building strategy. Secondly, we leveraged Google My Business to optimize BBack’s local presence, enabling us to post relevant updates for local customers. Finally, social media helped us engage more deeply with BBack’s target audience, positioning the brand as a friendly and caring solution in the Doylestown and Bucks County car care space.

Campaign Reporting

We believe in the power of data-driven insights to optimize our digital marketing campaigns. As a result, we produce quarterly and monthly analytics reports and provide in-depth analysis and insights into BBack’s local SEO campaign performance. These reports help them, and us determine what’s working and where we might need to pivot to achieve the company’s goals. In addition, we meet with BBack regularly to discuss these data points, giving them up-close access to their results in real-time. By working closely with BBack and providing them with actionable insights, we are committed to driving long-term success for their business.


BBack’s comprehensive local SEO strategy has yielded impressive results in just one year. The brand has emerged as a strong player in the crowded car care services market in Doylestown and Bucks County. After our first year of engagement, BBack has already achieved significant milestones that have helped establish it as a trusted name in the community. For instance, the brand has experienced a 75% increase in Google business profile views, a 21% boost in search engine visibility, and 1,400 keywords driving organic traffic to its website. We recognized early that BBack’s warm and friendly nature is integral to its brand identity and incorporated that sentiment into our marketing efforts. As a result, our strategy has enabled it to stay ahead of the competition. We are proud to partner with BBack and continue to support their growth trajectory.
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