Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

digital marketing agency

As businesses look for innovative ways to promote their products and services, digital marketing continues to become competitive and highly dynamic. Not long ago, TV ads and billboards were the main marketing techniques in the eCommerce sector. Nowadays, everyone is crafting high-quality content to win the hearts of prospects.

In fact, a recent HubSpot research found that 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. But, content marketing isn't the silver bullet. Let's see what digital marketing entails.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Vs. SEO: What You Need to Know

More than five billion people search Google every day to research products and services before buying or to understand more about their problems, interests, news, etc. This makes search engines very important for marketing and selling products and services.

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Millennial Marketing: What You Need to Know

Millennial Marketing: What You Need to Know

With more products coming to market and competition continually rising, digital marketers must innovate new ways to target their prospects and retarget their customers. That said, one group in the consumer market is more important to businesses – the millennials or generation Y.

Millennials are a group of people born between 1981 and 1996 (age 25 to 40 years in 2021). There is lots of research about millennials: from how they spend to how narcissistic and entitled they are or aren't – and everything in between. Here, we're going to focus on how to market to millennials, with reference to relevant research studies drawn from reliable sources.

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Buyer’s Journey: What it is and Why it Matters

A buyer moving forward on their journey with a brand

Businesses often sell solutions to external problems, but customers buy solutions to internal problems. And for your business to succeed, you need to understand your potential customers' problems, so you can proceed to offer them the right solutions.

The process of trying to understand your customers and their problems and responding to them with solutions is what informs the concept of the buyer's journey.

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Boost Traffic In 2021 with These 6 Content Strategy Tips

An SEO Blog Writer writing content that is easy to understand, uses semantically similar keywords, and is helpful.

Have you ever left your doctor’s office with notes full of five-syllable words ending in -ostomy or -ology? When you get home you probably spent more time googling definitions than you spent with the doctor.

I mean why couldn’t the doctor have just said “toe” instead of “metatarsals”?

While that is obviously an extreme example - I imagine most doctors say “toe”, it illustrates my point. Is your business a "metatarsal" or "toe" kind of business?

More importantly: Is your website more complicated than it needs to be?

Sometimes, as an expert in your business, it can be easy to forget that not everyone speaks the same language as you. Industry terms can be hard to understand, confusing, and intimidating.

Not only that: industry terms may not be how your clients are searching for your business.

By using seo blog writing to create content that is helpful and understandable you’ll boost traffic to your website.

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Philadelphia, What Does Your Website Design Say About You?

Visiting Web Site

Imagine yourself as a first-time visitor to your company’s website. How would you describe the digital impression it makes? If you’re like many Philadelphia businesses, words like “outdated,” “confusing,” or “frustrating” might come to mind, even if they don’t accurately represent your company or its values. Now, imagine what an actual visitor might think when they land on your site for the first time. Without the benefit of familiarity and experience with your company, they won’t know there’s more than meets the eye. Continue reading “Philadelphia, What Does Your Website Design Say About You?” »