With more than 60 years of experience, Amacoil is a leading provider of linear motion solutions, including custom-engineered linear drive assemblies for automated manufacturing, material handling, and medical devices. The company’s application engineering services include technical support and consultation to maximize returns, and its quickly growing parts, service, and technical support division provides repairs and ongoing support. Headquartered locally in Aston, PA, Amacoil reached out to us to help drive more website traffic and promote its repair capabilities and accessory products, particularly Easylock™ & U-Clip fast-acting clamping systems.

We began working with Amacoil in September 2022 on a time and materials (T&M) website redesign and search engine optimization (SEO) project. However, our engagement quickly expanded and evolved after an ongoing website project they’d been working on in-house didn’t yield the results they’d hoped to achieve. So, we also stepped in to help them reimagine text and modernize visual assets to elevate Amacoil’s brand image.


B2B sales company distributing linear motion mechanical solutions to manufacturers.

Solutions Provided:

IQnection, a leader in B2B marketing digital marketing for manufacturers, provided Amacoil with lasting marketing results through search engine optimization (SEO). The IQnection team provides ongoing SEO services and a variety of content creation strategies for continued digital marketing success.


Amacoil is known for its expertise in the technical aspects of linear drives and assemblies. This specialization is reflected in much of the content on its website, particularly in the Resources section. However, only some of the company’s website visitors and clients have the same subject matter expertise, making it difficult for them to understand and engage with this content. Therefore, we faced the challenge of making the technical content more appealing without sacrificing its value.

In addition, Amacoil is a Uhing® partner and a leading distributor of the brand’s linear motion solutions. However, determining the best SEO keywords to target without competing with Uhing for search engine rankings was challenging. As a result, we needed to develop a keyword strategy to help Amacoil achieve page-one rankings for Uhing products without conflicting with the German manufacturer’s efforts.

Finally, Amacoil wanted to update the appearance of its website. The navigation and process flow were functional, but the client felt they needed to communicate the company’s modern identity and breadth of services more effectively.


We designed a multi-pronged web design and digital marketing solution to address Amacoil’s challenges and help them achieve their brand and business growth goals.

Web Design & Development

The heart of our web design strategy centered on updating the site’s infrastructure, messaging, and visuals to make the Amacoil website more SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and representative of its brand and offerings.

• Website infrastructure

After completing the domain and hosting transfer, we began working page by page to incorporate essential technical SEO features into the infrastructure of the Amacoil website to increase search visibility, focusing on meta descriptions, title tags, and other optimization elements. We also added specialized code to track visitor behavior on the site, making reporting on its future performance easier.

• Website visuals

We knew that the written content would be even more effective with visuals, so we also worked on revamping the visual media on the Amacoil website to reflect the company’s modern brand identity better. In the first phase of our video and photography strategy, we focused on a concept for a process video that would showcase every step of Amacoil’s repair process, working around its busy season schedule to capture on-site footage of the company in action. We used our editing skills to highlight the company’s advanced Uhing equipment, linear drives, and skilled team while removing distracting background imagery. In post-production, we added professional graphics, animation, and a voice-over to guide viewers through the process, providing a captivating look at Amacoil’s operations.

In addition to video, we also captured professional images of Amacoil’s linear drives, equipment, staff, and working environment, helping to tell the company’s visual story beyond words. Our goal was to create a library of custom imagery to display throughout the website.

Finally, our graphic design team got to work developing fresh website design and logo concepts using the updated content and visuals. At the time of writing, Amacoil and our team are working closely together to hone the new design aesthetic to represent the company’s brand and offerings. 

Digital Marketing

Amacoil’s digital marketing goals were straightforward: drive more qualified traffic to the website and delight visitors once they arrive. To accomplish this mission, we deployed a robust ongoing SEO strategy involving keyword implementation, strategic link building, SEO content creation, local SEO, domain authority improvement, and reporting and analysis.

• Keyword implementation

To improve Amacoil’s search engine rankings, we developed a local keyword strategy focusing on searches in and around Aston, PA. This strategy avoids competing with Amacoil’s supplier, Uhing, which may have a global SEO strategy targeting the same relevant phrases. We generated hundreds of possible keyword targets and narrowed them down to 20 VIP phrases aligning with Amacoil’s desired traffic. This list includes a mix of keywords that cater to informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional user intentions, allowing us to capture traffic at all stages of the sales cycle.

• Strategic link building

Using our VIP keywords as a guide, we launched an SEO effort with a link-building campaign to acquire high-quality, credible links on industry-relevant sources like blogs and directories. These links can help enhance Amacoil’s search visibility by increasing its ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

• SEO content creation

In addition to improving the accessibility and user-friendliness of Amacoil’s Resources section, we also developed a keyword-focused blogging strategy. This aspect of content creation aims to publish regular, fresh, useful, and engaging content on Amacoil’s website. This ongoing effort will help improve the company’s search visibility, establish its subject matter expertise, and generate more targeted traffic. Additionally, Amacoil’s newly created videos and corporate imagery can also help provide a diverse arsenal of rankable content, which will give Amacoil more opportunities to secure first-page positions on search engine results pages (SERPs).

• Local SEO

To help Amacoil differentiate itself from Uhing and drive local traffic to its website, we implemented a local SEO tactic called Google My Business. This tactic involves uploading relevant company updates, such as images and business hours, to improve Amacoil’s search visibility. By using Google My Business, we combine SEO and social media tactics to help Amacoil stand out in the local market.

• Domain authority improvement

Our various SEO tactics are designed to work together to improve Amacoil’s domain authority score, a crucial ranking factor. Optimizing strategically selected keywords, building credible backlinks, creating user- and search-friendly content, localizing our approach, and implementing other SEO best practices can impact Amacoil’s search engine rankings. Focusing on these critical areas aims to improve the company’s visibility and performance in SERPs.

• Reporting and analysis

To ensure our strategy is effective and achieves the desired results, we meet with Amacoil monthly and provide quarterly reporting on the campaign performance. We use website analytics reports, competitor standings, technical SEO audits, and keyword performance tracking to monitor the success of our chosen phrases and adjust our focus as needed. We also have planned year-end reporting and planning sessions to review trends and results and help define Amacoil’s strategy for the upcoming year. By staying closely involved and regularly reviewing the campaign’s performance, we can pivot and refine our approach to maximize the results.


While we’ve only recently implemented Amacoil’s web design and digital marketing strategy, we’ve already seen some encouraging early wins that indicate our approach is on track. Over the last 90 days, we’ve observed the following increases:

• Search visibility: increased by 42.9%
• Keywords: 7 out of 20 keywords have improved in their performance
• Visitors: increased by 7.2%
• User sessions: increased by 5.6%
• Session duration: increased by 8.58%
• Bounce rate: reduced

In addition to these improvements, we’ve also seen a healthy mix of returning and new visitors to the website, which is a positive sign for Amacoil’s ongoing success. Overall, these early results show that our strategy is effective and is helping to improve Amacoil’s online presence and performance.


“We’ve been working with IQnection for a while. I can tell you that they’re very responsive. If we need something last-minute, they’re always on it, and they always know exactly what to do. The relationship has been really great so far. They’re a local company, and it’s been really great working with them. So far, we’ve been seeing really good results and a lot of good SEO improvements, and I can’t say enough good things about them.”

Andrew Hess, General Manager
Amacoil, Inc.


“We’ve been working with IQnection for a while. I can tell you that they’re very responsive. If we need something last-minute, they’re always on it, and they always know exactly what to do. The relationship has been really great so far. They’re a local company, and it’s been really great working with them. So far, we’ve been seeing really good portfolio and a lot of good SEO improvements, and I can’t say enough good things about them.”

Andrew Hess, General Manager
Amacoil, Inc.

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