Analysis & Reporting

We understand the frustration of executives and CFOs who have no reliable way to measure the return on their marketing spend. That’s why we’ve implemented an integrated marketing platform. Using this platform, we are able to measure the effect of each piece of content, each email, each social media engagement, and the contribution of every online marketing aspect to the overall campaign.

We constantly analyze which strategies are providing value by looking at key metrics and the most crucial data points. Our process of interpreting click-through rates and conversation rates, for example, can be one of the most effective ways of identifying problems that may exist with your list segmentation. We pay especially close attention to the unsubscribe rates of your various marketing offers to make sure your lists and offers have been properly aligned.

We also obsessively map your lead nurturing content, taking extra care to assure that the right content is being distributed at the right time to the right prospects. Along the way, we track the metrics of your content plan by analyzing which offers your prospects have responded to positively, and by pinpointing a customer’s location in your sales funnel at any given moment.

Our closed-loop process also involves the analysis of your time to customer conversation, during which we interpret your firm’s success in generating marketing qualified leads (MQLs). The details of your cost per customer acquisition are interpreted and evaluated as well, because a customer generated at too high a cost often isn’t worth the expense.

When you trust IQnection with the very significant task of managing your marketing, you’ll always know that the data being used to optimize and adjust your campaign is both real and trackable. Our monthly reporting will provide an added layer of transparency as we share with you with same metrics we rely on to track your campaign’s progress.