Why You Should – and Shouldn’t – Write Your Own Blog

To write your own blog or not write your own blog...

It may not be as weighty a question as the one posed by Hamlet, but it's still an important one for any business to answer.

Having a blog is important. It helps your website rank on search engines, it helps potential customers solve problems, and it shows that you're an expert in your field.

Want to write your own blog? Here's what's in store.

We'd argue that the question isn't "Should I have a blog?" (you should), but rather "Who will do the writing?" In today's post, we'll explore the pros and cons of writing your own articles, and hiring an outside agency to handle it. Continue reading “Why You Should – and Shouldn’t – Write Your Own Blog” »

The Relevance of Social Media to Your Business

More businesses these days have social media account than not.

Here’s an experiment: Think of the three businesses closest to where you are, and search for them online. How many of them had a social media presence?

These days, a business without a Facebook or Twitter account is the exception, not the rule. But there are far better arguments for being on social media than “everyone else is doing it.” Continue reading “The Relevance of Social Media to Your Business” »

Are You Having a Conversation on Social Media?

Think about all the things that have changed because of social media.

Dating. The news. Staying in touch with classmates. Being famous.

Add marketing to that list. According to Hubspot, social media marketing can produce nearly twice the leads than you would see from traditional outbound methods.

Are You Having a Conversation on Social Media?

But this doesn’t mean that your company can post its news on Facebook a few times a week and wait for customers to line up. Social media marketing requires you to have a conversation with your customers. Let’s look at the why and the how of making that happen. Continue reading “Are You Having a Conversation on Social Media?” »

Blog Maximization: Getting the Most Traction When You Post

We believe in the value of blogging. If we didn’t, this post wouldn’t be here.

Blogging is an important piece of your inbound marketing content strategy, but it’s not enough to just write a post and expect business to start rolling in. There are steps you can take to make sure the customers you want are reading what you’ve written.

Here are a few tips for getting more traction out of your blog posts. Continue reading “Blog Maximization: Getting the Most Traction When You Post” »

Linking In With Your Customer Base

social media marketingLike a lot of 21st century professionals, you might have turned to LinkedIn when hunting for a job. But what about when you were hunting for customers?

Social media can play a key role when it comes to sharing information and engaging with your ideal customers. Nowhere is this truer than with LinkedIn. The platform lets you connect with groups, start your own groups, and share content that people will pass along and comment on. You can build relationships without needing to break out an aggressive sales pitch.

Writing on the LinkedIn Sales Solutions blog in 2014, Lilly Chen talked about the way the world has changed for B2B buyers: Continue reading “Linking In With Your Customer Base” »

A Social Approach to Industrial Marketing

Industrial MarketingIn January, the Harvard Business Review published a story about three different companies that don’t seem to have much in common.

Maersk Line is a global shipping container giant. IBM Security provides IT protection for businesses. Omniture is a marketing analytics company owned by Adobe.

So what ties these three businesses together? From a marketing standpoint, they all share one important trait: They’re examples of B2B companies that excel at social media marketing. Continue reading “A Social Approach to Industrial Marketing” »

How To Promote Your Marketing Content

Content MarketingA few weeks ago, we used the new Star Wars sequel to illustrate the power of knowing your audience.

For this post, we’ll use the example of a different kind of film: the sleeper. That’s show business jargon for a movie that gets no promotion – Slumdog Millionaire, Napoleon Dynamite, My Big Fat Greek Wedding – and appears out of nowhere to become a huge hit. Continue reading “How To Promote Your Marketing Content” »