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The Importance of Page Title Tags

The titles you use for your web pages are extremely important for two reasons.

• They are an important factor for the ranking algorithms used by search engines.

• They are the first thing that web surfers see when they find your website in the search results.

The kind of traffic you want to attract will determine the title formats to use on your web pages:

1. Shopping titles (good for SEO)
Shopping titles usually contain a product name that is used by web surfers. If they also contain a call to action, you can get targeted visitors with these titles. For example:

“ HP Color LaserJet CP2020 Printer- Special Offer: Up to $75 Cash Back.”

2. Information seeker titles (good for SEO)
Information seeker titles won’t attract buyers but people who are looking for information about a special topic.
For example: “How to Write Your First Blog Post – Writing Great Blog Content.”

Action plan: Changing your current web page titles

Good web page titles can make a significant difference in the number of visitors to your website. Here are tips to improve your web page titles:

• Use descriptive title text to make it clear what to expect on the pages.

• Add a call to action and benefits in your web page title.

• The most important information should be at the beginning of the title. The title may be shortened in the search results so people may not see the entire text, so try to limit the content to 80 characters.

• Unless you are a major brand name, avoid using your company name in your web page title.

• If at all possible, do not use the same title for all of your web pages.

• Add Geographic Locations, if applicable, to reduce irrelevant inquiries.

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