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Online Reputation Management – Solutions for Negative PR

The Olympic committee, sponsors and participants all face the potential for a tsunami of bad PR at any moment in time. A misspoken word, an unintended gesture or some other relatively insignificant issue quite often blows up into a major catastrophe and in today’s connected-world unfolds almost instantaneously on the web and causes a hail storm of negative PR. The majority of the bad press comes and goes quickly but often remnants of the issue persist for weeks, months and even years.

Companies and individuals constantly face a similar fate and need to know that there are many effective solutions available to them.

IQnection provides a service called ORM (Online Reputation Management). In many ways, ORM is simply the reverse of SEO. Instead of trying to optimize a website to show up higher on Google’s search results pages ORM looks to push the bad PR off page #1 and down as far as possible. It is not easy. It takes time. But it is possible to mitigate the long term effects of a negative event.

If you know someone dealing with a negative PR issue, contact IQnection’s Marketing Department or Call 215-345-5424. We can help.

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