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Web Marketing and Google Authorship

What is the Google HummingbirdGoogle Authorship is a method that allows writers to link their work to their Google+ page. Started in 2011, the authorship tool has evolved steadily as Google tries to make search results more relevant to users. Verified authorship obviously offers many benefits to content creators and content consumers, as well as making Google more aware of quality human-created content. There are also benefits for online marketing, specifically for those who wish to use high-quality content to enhance a website’s ranking and reputation.

What this means for content creators

Google Authorship allows writers to claim their content in search results. It also creates a way for readers to more easily locate additional content by writers they find interesting and engaging. When a writer is using Authorship, results that feature their content will also show a copy of their headshot next to the search result. In short, this creates a way for writers to set themselves apart, verify their content, and gain more fans or followers. Authorship also now allows you to see analytics for your content.

What this means for content consumers

Readers are always looking for quality content that engages and educates them. Google Authorship is good for users as they search for valuable and relevant content across the web. It gives searchers the ability to find high-quality content that is created by verified authors. It also allows readers engage more deeply with content authors they have enjoyed, and to seek more of their work.

What this means for web marketing

The benefits that content creators see are mirrored in the world of web marketing. Content is the backbone of the internet and websites need theirs to be of a high quality to attract users. Google Authorship creates a simple way to verify that content has been created by a person, not a machine. It also allows for higher ranking results and increased verification of quality content for your writers and for the venues in which they post. The use of headshots also differentiates authored content from other search results. If you can start to gather a following for one of your writers, all the better as readers will now have an easier time finding more of their work (and more from your sites).

IQnection can help you create quality content and then share that content in an effective way with your audience. We can help you build a library of high-quality content that readers seek out, share with others, and consistently refer back to. This branding can be invaluable to solidifying your web presence, from SEO and from a relationship building standpoint.

How to start using Google Authorship

Getting started with Authorship is simple. All you need is a Google+ profile and some content to link it to. Visit the Authorship page for more info. There is also a brief outline below. As your partner, IQnection will create and optimize all the required elements for Google Authorship, all you need to do is designate an author. We also work with you to create custom content that will engage and educate your customers.

For help setting up an authorship account and creating outstanding content, contact IQnection and get started

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