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7 Types of Company Culture Posts to Grow Your Manufacturing Team

Manufacturing workers and company culture

In 2024, Manufacturers expect employment to grow by 2% to aid in the management of increased demand and ongoing supply chain disruptions. Hiring the right manufacturing employees can be a difficult task, especially for business owners who already have a full plate. 

Most manufacturing facilities aim to find hardworking employees who are ready to begin a long-term career with their organization. However, attracting the right people and standing out above competitors requires ongoing social media efforts. 79% of job seekers research companies on social media before applying – a positive reflection on social media goes a long way.

When planning how you will showcase your company culture on social media, consider incorporating posts from these categories:

How to Use Social Media to Attract Top Talent

Company Outing Posts

IQnection post showing company culture through social media

Share the fun side of your manufacturing team! Post about company outings, whether it’s a team-building activity, a holiday celebration, or a casual Friday lunch. Showcasing the camaraderie among team members fosters a positive image and demonstrates a vibrant company culture.

Team Member Spotlights

IQnection Instagram post to show company culture through social media

Introduce the people behind the machines. Regularly feature team member spotlights to highlight their roles, achievements, and personal stories. This not only humanizes your workforce but also allows potential candidates to envision themselves as part of your team.

Team Photos

IQnection shows company culture through social media

A picture is worth a thousand words. Share candid team photos to capture the day-to-day life at your manufacturing facility. These snapshots provide a visual narrative of your company culture, emphasizing collaboration and a positive work environment.

Milestone Anniversaries

IQnection social media post to promote company culture

Celebrate the longevity of your team members! Acknowledge milestone anniversaries with heartfelt posts, recognizing the dedication and contributions of long-term employees. This not only boosts morale but also communicates stability and loyalty within your workforce.

Company Perks

IQnection social media post showing professional development opportunities in manufacturing industry

Showcase the perks and benefits that come with being part of your manufacturing team. Whether it’s a well-stocked break room, flexible work hours, or professional development opportunities, let potential candidates know what makes your company culture special.

Team Member Innovation

IQnection’s, Eric Jacobson, with guest, Shaun Mader, discusses how manufacturers and other businesses can better match the needs of a younger workforce to help with retention of workers, and to attract new workers.

Highlight the innovative spirit within your organization. Share stories of team members who have contributed to process improvements, implemented cost-saving measures, or brought forth creative solutions. This reinforces your commitment to innovation and attracts candidates eager to make a meaningful impact.

Continued Education Initiatives

IQnection social media post showing continued education and innovation for manufacturers

Illustrate your commitment to employee growth by showcasing continued education initiatives. Whether it’s workshops, certifications, or tuition reimbursement programs, communicate the opportunities available for professional development within your manufacturing company.

Attract the Right Employees with Social Media

A strong manufacturing organization begins with its employees. Filling the employment funnel with the right people has proven to bring long-term success to an organization. With the emerging workforce heavily involved in social media, use your channels to show them the benefits of company culture and choosing you as an employer. Contact us to learn more about our workforce development planning and social media management. 

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