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Client Spotlight: Armstrong Chemtec 

Homepage on Armstrong Chemtech website that is redesigned by IQnection because they can redesign websites for manufacturers

With over 75 years of experience in supplying process heat transfer equipment, Armstrong Chemtec stands as a pinnacle in electric heater design. Specializing in custom Section VIII Division 1 process heating equipment, Armstrong serves diverse industries with unparalleled expertise.  

Their catalog features steam and electrically heated equipment, boasting direct or indirect heating options. As a U.S.-based global technology company, Armstrong Chemtec Group is committed to delivering top-tier process heat transfer equipment supported by decades of exceptional customer service.  

Their product lineup includes  

With strategic sales presence and manufacturing facilities in the United States and Scotland, Armstrong Chemtec Group caters to clients worldwide. 

 Richard M. Armstrong 

Founded by Richard M. Armstrong Sr. in 1946 after his tenure at MIT and service in World War II, The Richard M. Armstrong Company (RMACO) began its journey in West Chester, PA. Starting from a barn on a former dairy farm, the company focused on manufacturing heat transfer equipment, evolving into Armstrong Engineering Associates, Inc.  

 International Reach 

 In 1965, Armstrong expanded internationally, establishing Chemtec NV in The Netherlands and Chemtec UK Limited in Scotland. Further expansions led to the establishment of Chemtec Pte. Ltd. in Singapore in the mid-1970s. Armstrong’s dedication to research and development, exemplified through early involvement with Heat Transfer Research, Inc. (HTRI), led to groundbreaking innovations in heat exchangers and heating technology. 

 A New Era

In 1998, leadership transitioned to Armstrong’s sons, A Joseph Armstrong III and Richard M Armstrong Jr. A significant milestone was reached in 2010 when the company was converted into an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), marking a new era of employee ownership and dedication to excellence. 

Today, Armstrong Chemtec holds a prominent position on the global stage, necessitating a website that reflects the expansive scope of their operations.  

Website Redesign

The recent website redesign for Armstrong Chemtec aimed at enhancing user experience by streamlining the website menu to facilitate seamless navigation for visitors and reestablishing themselves as an international powerhouse in their industry. Their logo also underwent an update as it hadn’t been adapted for digital, a task undertaken by our graphic designer. One key message Armstrong aimed to convey to their audience was the necessity of their products, rather than just stating what they have available. 

IQnection’s website and development team’s encountered challenges in acquiring accurate imagery. However, they successfully captured the essence of the industry through customized graphics and specialized video production, effectively showcasing Armstrong’s expertise. Vocabulary selection was critical to accurately convey the company’s message, and with careful consideration, the team ensured clarity and relevance throughout the website. Custom code implementation allowed for program integration, enabling smooth functionality and user experience. Strong SEO involvement further optimized the website to maintain maximum visibility, even on a global scale. Throughout the entire process, continuous communication ensured alignment with Armstrong’s vision every step of the way.   

The old website version of Armstrong Chemtec before  IQnection - a digital marketing agency that specializes in websites for manufacturers redesigned this website for engineers.
The new updated website version for Armstrong Chemtec, by IQnection - a digital marketing agency that specializes in websites for manufacturers.

Websites for Manufacturers 

Armstrong Chemtec’s refreshed online presence is a testament to IQnection’s excellence and proficiency in creating websites for manufacturers and engineers. By leveraging IQnection’s skills in website design and SEO optimization for manufacturers, Armstrong’s website serves as a gateway to their unparalleled expertise and global reach.   

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