Delivery & Execution​

Once an email campaign is identified, a workflow strategy is created, and email content creation is completed, the success of the campaign depends on timely delivery and right execution. For this, our digital marketing consultants discuss every step of the automation process and share important ideas to improve the campaign. After the campaign is launched, we monitor the progress and continue to tweak it to maximize the ROI.

Deliver Emails to Users

Email delivery is more than sending an email to a receiving server. Email deliverability refers to the ability of an email to successfully get delivered to the target user’s inbox. If the email lands in the spam folder instead, the user will probably never even see it. Your efforts would have gone in vain. Our email marketing experts follow the industry best practices to ensure you’re your campaign is successful.

Successfully Executing an Email Campaign

Our email writing and marketing experts strategically execute campaigns to make them successful. We keep the email content conversational, personalize it, create follow-ups, and A/B test the emails. We design them effectively by applying your branding, adding enough white space, using images, and more. We send them from a real person for a personal touch and to avoid spamming.
You can track the success of a campaign to an email by measuring its open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, unsubscribes, and spam complaints
Here is an example of how to recover sales through an abandoned cart email series. Remind your subscriber that he/she has left certain items in the cart. Send him/her a discount coupon to apply at checkout. Build a sense of urgency by informing the customer that the cart will expire soon.
It allows us to test two separate versions of an email by sending them to a small group of your target audience. We check the results and based on users’ responses, we send the remaining emails to other target users.
We personalize emails by following a few important steps. We mention the name of the subscriber in the subject line of the email to grab his/her attention. We use the location of the subscriber to promote sales or events nearby. We also send customized product recommendations as per past purchases.
We work at growing email lists by adding a sign-up form that takes the user to your website. The visitors can subscribe in return for tips, newsletters, eBooks, and more. Alternatively, we drive sign-ups through social media. Links can be shared to your social media opt-in page or a Sign-Up button can be added to your Facebook page to let your followers join the email list.
Our email marketing experts use some of the best email automation tools. These include HubSpot, BigCommerce, and SharpSpring. If you have a preference, you can mention the same.
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