Email Marketing

We specialize in data-informed email marketing strategies to help you leverage the power of this direct digital marketing tactic to engage your audience and generate new sales opportunities. Our ultra-sharp email experts have in-depth industry experience and sophisticated tools to elevate your campaigns and generate measurable results.

Workflow Strategy

Our advanced automation tools allow us to develop intelligent email workflow strategies for distributing a series of automated emails to your subscribers based on their behavior, preferences, and position in your sales funnel. We take care of all the legwork, from goal setting and list segmentation for personalized messaging to tracking and measurement to optimize campaign effectiveness.

Content Creation

Creating engaging and targeted email content is an essential component of successful campaigns. Our email content creation capabilities include everything you need to put your company’s best foot forward, including graphics, written text, and compelling calls to action that align with your business objectives and branding standards.

Delivery & Execution

Email marketing is not merely about sending emails. We must also optimize campaign performance for the best results. Our data-driven delivery and execution strategies center on savvy A/B testing to enhance subject lines, text, images, send times, and other variables, helping to boost open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and engagement while minimizing unsubscribes.

Custom Audits

Our custom email marketing audits include an in-depth assessment of your email campaigns to diagnose problem areas, such as deliverability, engagement, or conversion. These evaluations allow us to devise the appropriate strategy to fix underperformers for measurable improvement. Routine custom audits can also help keep your email content fresh and aligned with your subscriber’s preferences.
Email marketing is a direct digital marketing tactic that allows you to share and promote products, services, and updates with your email subscribers. It helps update your audience on your latest offerings, enhances brand awareness and loyalty, and keeps subscribers engaged between purchases.

Email marketing starts with a creative campaign strategy that defines your goals, audience, and messaging. It also involves creating brand-centered content, such as newsletters, graphics, and calls to action. Finally, successful email marketing requires an email platform, automation tools, and campaign performance tracking tools to optimize your results.

Email is one of the most cost-effective methods for developing relationships with your audience and creating new business opportunities. However, increasing revenue from email requires a sound strategy and diligent campaign performance monitoring and optimization to help enhance your ROI

Growing your email subscriber list is an excellent way to expand your reach and generate more results. Your website, social media channels, PPC ads, referral programs, giveaway campaigns, and sign-up sheets are all effective strategies to see your list bloom. Our expert email marketing team has many other list-growing tools and techniques to share.

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