Custom Audits​

An email marketing audit aims at examining existing emails to determine which strategies are working and which are not. For this, we review the overall performance of an email campaign, automated emails, individual campaigns, contacts, and email templates. Also, we evaluate your list segmentation strategy and analyze how the email can impact your business.

Getting Started with an Email Audit

We decide the goals of the audit based on your business goals. It can be a certain problem like a high unsubscribe rate. We identify the KPIs of the email campaign, consider your target audiences, and segment them. Finally, we evaluate the emails and write down important data like the number of emails sent, the hard/soft bounce rate, open and click-through rates, unsubscribe rate, conversion rate, and more.

How We Audit Emails

As we audit individual emails, we check certain things. Under content and design, we see how the email design looks, how the body copy reads/sounds and more. Regarding segmentation, we see which demographics, personas, and other groups are the aimed targets. Under performance, we see things like whether the CTAs are effective. Regarding results, we check whether the end goal is met.
After planning a workflow strategy, we focus on email content creation and then move on to delivery and execution. These stages are followed by a custom audit. The exact time to conduct it depends on your choice.

It allows you to check the email content, links, API triggers, templates, and more to ensure all is going as planned. You can fuse or split the audits or try a comprehensive one, and thus, enjoy custom options.

It can reveal deliverability issues, the need for better email list hygiene, factors that prompt users to unsubscribe, outdated copy and design (incorrect information or offbrand design elements), and poor user experience (broken links or poor email accessibility).
The frequency of detailed email audits depends on the campaign program’s complexity, resources, and time. Nevertheless, as a top digital marketing agency in NJ, we recommend that an email audit should be conducted at least once annually. It’s better to review your campaigns monthly to stay ahead of expected problems and identify opportunities all year round.
After you get valuable information from an email audit, use that to work on major areas for improvement (that have a direct effect on user experience and revenue generation) and quick wins (like directing subscribers to a landing page having a better conversion rate).
In that case, feel free to speak to us directly. Our digital marketing consultants are patient enough to listen to your doubts, address them, and suggest brilliant ideas suited to your email campaign goal.
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