Workflow Strategy​

An email workflow comprises a series of automated emails sent to subscribers based on their preferences, buyer behavior, or contact information. IQnection is a top digital marketing agency in Pennsylvania for email marketing. We design a workflow strategy based on your campaign goal and send automated emails to the right people at the right times to guide them through a buyer’s journey.

Automated Email Workflow

We learn about your campaign’s goal and choose an email automation tool. Then we identify the target users and set the enrollment criteria. Next, we create your campaign assets, check the automation setup and run a test to be doubly sure. If all goes well, we make the workflow live and oversee its progress. Our email marketing consultants discuss all the steps beforehand.

Most Effective Workflow Strategies

We set workflow triggers based on user actions and automate repetitive marketing tasks. We offer personalized email content creation relevant to user preferences and behavior. We offer lead action tracking and nurturing. We are skilled in A/B testing and even offer performance measurement and analytics. Our email writing and marketing services leave no stone unturned.
Informational, educational (like tutorials and product demos) and promotional content, FAQs, newsletters, press releases, product feature updates, announcements like webinars, special offers, popular articles, and blog posts can be incorporated into an email marketing workflow.
It’s an example of an automated linear email workflow to send information to a contact group on a set schedule and has minimal marketing personalization. This kind of workflow is helpful for outreach campaigns that slowly introduce new leads to your business. You can opt for it to send an email to a recent addition to your lead database.
It sends targeted emails on a highly strategized schedule based on a contact’s relevant preferences and interests at a given stage of his/her journey. You can trigger this workflow based on a content download, web form submission, or other specific user actions.
These are a new contact added to a list for a newsletter or a blog, form submissions, clicks, content downloads, page visits, brand interaction frequency (or none after a certain point), email opens, purchases, opt-ins, page visits, transaction-type events, content tags based on user actions, sales and support team contact, and milestones like birthdays and anniversaries.
These are emails sent, email open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, unsubscribe/subscribe rates, average order value, retention rates, total contacts enrolled in the workflow, active contacts in the workflow, and total contacts who completed it
These are to welcome subscribers, onboard customers, give news about special deals, encourage one for a free trial/ sign-up, renew an expired subscription, nurture leads, nurture lost opportunities, and more.
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