Google Analytics vs. Log File Analysis

We have had several questions recently regarding the difference between the statistics seen in Google Analytics and statistics available in our Control Panel. I thought I would take this opportunity to explain why there will always be some discrepancies.


Let’s begin with the statistics you find within the IQnection Control Panel. Depending on your account and hosting service, you may see a variation of statistics. The one most clients see is Advanced Web Statistics also known as AWStats. These reports are available under the Hosting Tab - Detailed Site Statistics.

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Basics of Social Media Marketing

1. Update - Try to update daily. When visitors come to a page that has not been updated in over a month, they may assume it is inactive and decide not to follow your business. They also may go to a competitor whose page page is so active they feel that business may give them better service. You certainly do not what that to happen, so update your social media pages daily.

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