Higher Education

Paid marketing or PPC (pay per click) advertising effectively generates student inquiries for departments or programs to rapidly fill your admissions funnel. With our trusted pay-per-click services, you can reach more students and boost traffic to your higher education website. You can get higher ROI and faster results for enrollments, brand recognition, and lead generation.

Program Specific Campaigns

We plan and conduct campaigns for higher education digital marketing based on specific programs. Nurture campaigns compel an audience with personalized information and offers. Referral-based campaigns use community partners, alumni, and student ambassadors as personal touchpoints for potential students for future admissions. Likewise, we set powerful campaigns for different programs.

Paid Social

We’re a top pay-per-click advertising agency for maximizing student inquiries through multiple paid social channels. Through tailored ads, we attract student prospects towards courses like those you offer. We can help you build relationships with alumni and prospective students on LinkedIn and Facebook, share photos/videos on Snapchat and Instagram, and hold discussions on Quora.
Creating targeted personalized social campaigns, appealing to the emotions of student prospects, sharing insights of your successful and happy students, holding real-life events to build personal connections, partnering with successful alumni, making your institute stand out, and trying guerrilla marketing are some useful strategies.
Yes. As a top digital marketing agency in Pennsylvania, we offer both to market higher education websites. The campaign goal will depend on your academic program.
Before applying, everyone can’t see an institution in person due to logistical, financial, and time constraints. Video marketing can help show off your campus to them in the comfort of their home. Also, videos can show your happy and successful students and allow them to engage the viewers with their stories. This can better drive conversions.
Of course! Was your institute voted among the top 10 in the country? Did it win a big prize recently? If you were covered by the press due to any such achievements, we can note them down and use them to promote you better and attract more traffic to your website.
Certainly! It’s a good idea to have a blog section on your website. You can run niche blogs for various interests and share tips on things like how to get admitted to a top institute. Aim at informing the readers to attract prospective students. Our content creators can help you with this.
No worries. Our expert digital marketing consultants can share different ideas to plan campaigns for different programs and courses and discuss trending ways to boost academic campaigns. They will also note what makes your institute unique to promote that.
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