Amazon Marketing

As a top digital marketing agency in Pennsylvania, we specialize in on- and off- Amazon marketing. We create sponsored ads on Amazon to help your products get the highest visibility when someone searches for a product on the Amazon site or app. Amazon also advertises its items on social media and directs interested users to targeted product pages to boost sales. We ensure your brand and products are included in these too.

Amazon Premium

Amazon video ads can allow you to reach Amazon customers using targeted videos. Amazon Prime, the premium version of Amazon, comes with great marketing opportunities. As the online streaming platform is available in 20+ countries, it can increase your global reach manifold. You can attract more customers and enjoy a low cost to start your business on Amazon from your home.

Enhanced Brand Content

When you build your store on Amazon, consider Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), also called A+ content on Seller Central. It represents your business on Amazon. If you add A+ content to your product listings, you can boost your sales. EBC lets you add images containing informative content and use bullet points in product descriptions for a neater presentation of data.

Sponsored Brand Ads

By investing in these ads on Amazon, you can improve brand awareness. These ads work with a cost-per-click strategy. Benefits? You can appear on product pages and in shopping results. These ads can feature images, videos, and custom headlines. We can help you create compelling sponsored brand ads to fuel Amazon marketing for your business.
A+ content is free, available to sellers and vendors registered under Amazon Brand Registry and fit for products that require a more lenient character count and more description. A++ content is paid, accessible by invite-only, and fit for premium visuals with a lower character count. Unlike a 5-module product description per page allowed in A+ content, A++ content allows 7 modules.
Yes. Irrespective of the size of your business, you can get excellent solutions from Amazon Ads. They can help your brand connect with your target customers at each stage of their buyer journey. Our professional digital marketing services can guide you further through this.
You can build and launch a campaign on Amazon in just 5 minutes. Amazon Ads are designed for all and come with reports before and after campaigns, and performance insights. Speak to our digital marketing consultants to devise the best strategies for your Amazon marketing campaign.
You can pick any budget that is suitable for your business. In fact, you can start increasing your sales by investing USD 10 only every day on Amazon. Therefore, the marketing opportunity is highly cost-effective.
It’s a free tool to create a great experience with your offerings. This feature is currently in beta and available to US sellers under Amazon Brand Registry, agencies representing vendors, and vendors.
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