Let’s Talk Strategy vs. Tactics – Web Design for Philadelphia Businesses

Do you know the difference between a tactic and a strategy? Lots of people use the two terms interchangeably. But it’s important to know they’re two distinct approaches, and the one you choose for any given situation can be the difference between successful websites and ones that are poor performers.

How Does Social Media Impact Your SEO?

Social Media feels like it’s everywhere.

And it is!

It’s assumed that, if you have a business, you should have some sort of social media profile.

But, why?

How to Give Your Brand a Boost on Facebook

Do you ever get on Facebook scroll down about 10 posts on your feed and all you see is nonsense?

If your feed is anything like mine then it’s full of creepy ads from products you viewed a week ago, pictures from your friend who moved across the country, and weird comments from your Great Aunt Mildred.

But then there’s the good stuff.

A notice about a sale from your favorite brand, a video of your baby niece’s first steps, a cute baby goat, and an upcoming online pet adoption runway show from your local SPCA.

According to HubSpot, Facebook is the primary distribution channel for content for 2020. How do you keep your brand above the noise and make a meaningful impact?

And, how do you create content that people actually watch?

Understanding Website Traffic

One of the main goals of marketing efforts is to increase traffic to websites. More website traffic means more relevance to google and, more importantly, an increase in conversions or sales.

But what exactly is traffic? Why does it matter and how do you get more of it?

Let’s dive in…

How to Win with Inbound Marketing

Marketing has evolved and has constantly moved from being business-centric to customer-centric. Modern marketers now focus on what the customer cares about and not what they want to sell to the customer.

But, how do you do that?

Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

As businesses look for innovative ways to promote their products and services, digital marketing continues to become competitive and highly dynamic. Not long ago, TV ads and billboards were the main marketing techniques in the eCommerce sector. Nowadays, everyone is crafting high-quality content to win the hearts of prospects.

In fact, a recent HubSpot research found that 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. But, content marketing isn’t the silver bullet. Let’s see what digital marketing entails.