What is Inbound Marketing Web Design?

The internet has been around long enough that we’ve come to think of websites from its early days the way we think of our parents’ basements from the 1970s: We picture the wood paneling, and we cringe.

Inbound marketing’s goal is to get a prospect’s attention and bring them to your website. But a clunky late ‘90s-style website may have the opposite effect, chasing potential customers away from a business. It may be that the site just isn’t aesthetically pleasing, or it may just be too busy. Continue reading “What is Inbound Marketing Web Design?” »

5 Ways To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

iStock_000031751042_SmallIn many organizations, knowing when to pursue a specific lead comes down to spending a huge amount of time checking in on leads, emailing, calling, and having a sense of intuition regarding when a particular lead deserves attention.

Sales reps are expected to turn leads into customers by being in tune with their database or territory. This approach works to some extent, but it’s hugely inefficient, and it’s becoming much less effective in a world where potential buyers do most of their research online before ever engaging a salesperson. Continue reading “5 Ways To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads” »

An Introduction to Creating Blogs and Great Content

SEO- Website Optimization - Blog ContentOut of all the search engine optimization (SEO) services an agency can suggest, creating a blog still ranks as a great option. As anyone who has spent even minimal time researching SEO may know, content is king—in other words, the type of content you create and the amount of content you provide on your website can make all the difference not only when it comes to gaining Google’s favor in search results, but, more importantly, in catching the eyes of potential customers. That’s because, essentially, content is the main reason potential visitors come to a website. Sure, they may have started a Google search to find a particular product or service, but they’ll visit your website (or your competitors’ site) to learn about your expertise and knowledge. This makes having valuable content a vital factor in winning the favor of Google and visitors alike.

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How Pinterest and Inbound Marketing Can Work Together

PinterestPinterest is arguably the hottest social platform on the web today. The statistics behind the meteoric rise of this invitation-only social networking site is mind-boggling by any interactive media standard, and the growth of Pinterest hasn’t stoped yet.

First let’s define exactly what this juggernaut is. Pinterest is a social network which allows users to create thematic virtual “boards” (think vision boards) on which they “pin” images or videos that the “pinner” finds beautiful, useful or compelling. These images attract “followers” the world-over who can “like”, “comment-on” or “re-pin” images that resonate with them in some fashion. It’s this visual and interactive nature of Pinterest that has taken the internet by storm.

The benefits of the image sharing site is inherent in both what is obvious and, possibly more importantly to businesses looking for a competitive advantage online, what is not so obvious.

First, the obvious:

Pinterest is a slam dunk for businesses that sell visually interesting products or services such as jewelry, clothing, catering services, crafts, handbags, vacation destinations, etc. Visual content that is already in use for other marketing efforts can be re-purposed and showcased to a new and different audience. Blog articles can also be spiced-up with the strong visual opportunities afforded by Pinterest.

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Why Small Business Owners Need to Think About SEO

Image showing the importance of SEOPhiladelphia SEO services companies understand that running a small business is one of the most rewarding things you have ever done, but they are also aware that it takes a considerable amount of time, energy, and patience to build a valuable business. Research shows that marketing is one of the most critical aspects of building a small business, and as an owner, you are well aware that you must get the information out to customers about your products or services. Online marketing is one of the best investments any business can make as it is quickly surpassing traditional methods in terms of effectiveness. Online marketing offers a better ROI because it allows for more focused targeting of potential customers; customers who are searching for products or services in your category. This narrow focus lets you avoid spending money on broad-based and poorly targeted advertising. However, the internet is a vast marketplace, and you want to be sure your customers find your business, which is why search engine optimization (SEO) is critical and using a local SEO services provider may be beneficial. Continue reading “Why Small Business Owners Need to Think About SEO” »

Client Success Story: Converting a $250 investment into $26,000 of new sales using Social Media

kinsmanFB_graphicWe hear a lot of skepticism about using social media to market a business. Not many businesses owners feel that their products or services translate into the social media realm. Some may be right, however, we have had amazing success using social media to generate real revenue for our clients, and we wanted to share one particular client success story with you.

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The 7 Daily Habits of a LinkedIn Super Star!

contentpicThe web is a game-changer. We all know it intuitively and we hear it every day from friends, the media, and business associates. When you own a business there are thousands of different ways to interact with customers on the internet, and there are always new technologies that require your attention. Here are some tips from our team on how to get the most from this social site.

Based around business relationships rather than friendships, LinkedIn is useful to a broad range of business owners. IQnection social media gurus think LinkedIn is a good time investment for most business owners. However, small to mid-size business owners can reap some of the greatest benefits. With an IQnection managed LinkedIn account you can keep up-to-date on your business network. These seven daily habits will help ensure that you’re using LinkedIn to the fullest.

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Web Marketing and Google Authorship

What is the Google HummingbirdGoogle Authorship is a method that allows writers to link their work to their Google+ page. Started in 2011, the authorship tool has evolved steadily as Google tries to make search results more relevant to users. Verified authorship obviously offers many benefits to content creators and content consumers, as well as making Google more aware of quality human-created content. There are also benefits for online marketing, specifically for those who wish to use high-quality content to enhance a website’s ranking and reputation.

What this means for content creators

Google Authorship allows writers to claim their content in search results. It also creates a way for readers to more easily locate additional content by writers they find interesting and engaging. When a writer is using Authorship, results that feature their content will also show a copy of their headshot next to the search result. In short, this creates a way for writers to set themselves apart, verify their content, and gain more fans or followers. Authorship also now allows you to see analytics for your content.

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Email Marketing for the New Year

Email Marketing Solutions at IQnectionEmail marketing, if done properly, can be a very focused and effective marketing tool for the New Year. While many brands have recently put more focus on search engine optimization and social media marketing, email marketing remains one of the most powerful yet overlooked items in the internet marketing toolbox.

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What is the Google Hummingbird?

Earlier this month, Google made waves in the search engine optimization industry when it announced its brand new search algorithm, Hummingbird. While the average Google search user What is the Google Hummingbirdmay not notice anything dramatically different while conducting their every day searches, Hummingbird is actually a major game changer that could modify the entire search landscape.

What is Hummingbird?

As mentioned, Hummingbird is a brand new search algorithm that Google uses to provide the best results for a user’s search query. The search algorithm is Google’s way of ranking and displaying search engine results. In the past, Google has made several “updates” to their algorithm, such as Panda and Penguin. What’s different about Hummingbird is that it’s not just a simple update; it’s a completely different algorithm that offers updated functionality. To put it into automotive terms, if Google was a car, think of its algorithm as the engine. The new Hummingbird algorithm would be like replacing the previous engine with a brand new, modern one.

How does this affect searches?

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