The Training Gallery: Spotlight on Jim Cannon

  1. What distinguishes The Training Gallery at IQnection from other training centers?Jim Cannon
    We are centrally located in the heart of Doylestown and we offer a more intimate and elegant training facility. We have a maximum of 10 seats vs. the typical 20 that many larger centers have. This affords our instructors more time with each participant. We feature state-of-the-art equipment that is far beyond the average offering and our prices are significantly lower than national training center standards.
  2. How can training benefit someone in the workplace?
    Our instructors provide real world advice and training that can be practically applied when a participant goes back to their office. A person with proper training can be far more productive on an individual basis. For small businesses, the training is invaluable because it allows one to accomplish sophisticated tasks which might have been outsourced in the past. Think how many hours you spend when you have to “fish” around for a technique to achieve your tasks. It can really add up!
  3. What other types of training do you offer besides software?
    We our catalog of classes includes Project Management, Customer Service, Leadership and Negotiation courses. We can custom design a course for any business and create the entire learning package for them.
  4. How many titles have you taught?
    Between Microsoft, Corporate subjects and Adobe, I have taught well over 50 different topics, plus general training for many different types of people over two decades.
  5. What inspired your partnership with IQnection?
    What’s not to love? They are professional, good people with extremely high standards! I came to them to seek a partnership, because I think their web sites are the best in the area, plus I saw that they take their business very seriously and have a permanent, dedicated team working with them, which is unusual in the wild and wooly world of the Internet.
  6. Tell us about The Training Gallery’s community initiatives.
    Part of The Training Gallery at IQnection‘s mission is to contribute to and enrich the well being of the community. Therefore, we offer “local enrichment” seats on a regular basis to various community support organizations. The goal is to provide candidates who have a passion for learning unfettered access to excellent, standardized training and skills building classes. The fortunate nominees who are selected get to choose from a full calendar of training classes available during their month of eligibility. Hopefully, the new skill sets will serve them in securing new employment opportunities or in reaching new heights within their career.
  7. What was your background before becoming a trainer?
    I started 28 years ago as a young musical theater performer in New York City and it was the challenging nature of the Theater business that prompted me to learn computers as survival work very early on. During my breaks between theater gigs, I worked as a computer consultant for banks and many other types of companies in the Big Apple. After my wife and I worked as performers on Cruise Ships for a few years, I became a Cruise Director. As part of my activities program, I would conduct large scale computer training and digital photography seminars and they proved to be really popular because people felt at ease in that environment and were open to learning new things.
  8. What was it like to travel the world that way?
    I was so lucky to have my wife Tamara with me most of the time, so it was FANTASTIC! We saw over 100 countries and 700 ports of call. We really enjoyed learning about the different cultures and traditions and we made many wonderful friends. We still love to travel, but we don’t have the same wanderlust we used to have, so we finally were able to settle down and we absolutely love Buck’s County and never want to leave!
  9. How did that experience segue into becoming a trainer?
    I wanted to combine my experience as a presenter, technical and corporate trainer into a business. I started as a free lance trainer and then evolved into Sr. Trainer for a bank in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
  10. What is your favorite software program?
    I love them all, but I really enjoy the way the Adobe products work together and you can do so many cool and creative things with them. I guess it would have to be the entire Adobe Creative Suite, especially the video editing program, Premier.