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Benefits of Press Releases for SEO

Search engine optimized (SEO) press releases are highly beneficial to any web marketing campaign. A properly optimized press release will include credible information as well as your top keywords and links back to your website.

Backlinks are one of the main factors Google uses for determining a website’s search engine ranking. Google looks at how many backlinks you have and whether those backlinks are coming from credible websites that have high PageRank. If you have a good amount of quality backlinks, you will increase the page rank and link popularity of your website.

Well written content in the press release will always add credibility to your website. The more information you show that you know, the more trustworthy you become. When your press releases start appearing in Google news and Yahoo! news for your keywords, potential customers searching for your product or business will see that you are a credible source of information in your industry. Those with Google alerts for your keywords will automatically receive your press release, which will generate interest and relevant traffic to your site as well.

Additional benefits of SEO press releases:

– Make your name popular by consistently using the same or similar name. This is also called name branding or a calling card.

– Build quality one way links which can also draw ranking and traffic to your work. Your ranking and importance in search engines will increase as search engines give good weights to quality one way links.

– Create keyword rich articles that will give you a great chance to get top positions for your targeted keywords.

– Build a reputation for a product or brand that may be “under the radar.”

– Help pre-sell new products and services that have not yet been introduced.

– Build anchor text links to deeper pages on your site that do not attract links naturally.

– Including your brand in the headline or subhead should rank the press release on page one of the search engine results for a branded query.

Optimized press releases are one of the quickest and easiest ways to start generating more backlinks, visibility and traffic for your website. A well written, keyword optimized press release is highly beneficial to businesses in all industries.

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