Buyer’s Journey: What it is and Why it Matters

A buyer moving forward on their journey with a brand

Businesses often sell solutions to external problems, but customers buy solutions to internal problems. And for your business to succeed, you need to understand your potential customers' problems, so you can proceed to offer them the right solutions.

The process of trying to understand your customers and their problems and responding to them with solutions is what informs the concept of the buyer's journey.

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Ask the SEO: “How Will I Measure SEO Success?”

Planted seed growing like organic traffic with SEO

When you make an investment, for example buying stocks, you pay attention to certain metrics to make sure that you’re money has been well spent. You probably keep an eye on the index, an ear to the ground for industry news, and check-in with your broker.

It makes sense, then, that’d you’d do the same when investing in SEO for your business.

How do you measure SEO success? When will you see results? What will they look like?

Let’s dive in…

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The Beginners Guide to Selecting an eCommerce Platform 

Online shopping and payment, Man using tablet with shopping cart icon, Digital marketing, Banking and finance on dark blue background.

Does your business have an eCommerce platform?

The total amount spent on eCommerce continues to grow dramatically each year. Digital Commerce 360 found that 2020 Q2 sales increased by 44.4% from last year. This is the highest recorded growth ever for Q2, and the highest growth overall since they started tracking data in 1999. 

Despite some stores reopening, online sales continue to boom in September increasing by 43% from last year. With the holiday season around the corner now is the time to evaluate your eCommerce platform.

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Was Your Trade Show Cancelled? (Here’s How To Get More Leads in 2020)

After many well-known companies announced earlier this year that they were holding off on all ‘larger gatherings’ until at least 2021. It’s left us to ponder what the future of trade show conferences are. Trade shows used to be a popular way for businesses to network, share ideas, learn, and find leads— and they still can be— but it’s up to us now to be able to leverage them. Continue reading “Was Your Trade Show Cancelled? (Here’s How To Get More Leads in 2020)” »