SnapChat Marketing​

Snapchat is a revolutionary real-time picture chatting mobile application and the third most millennial-friendly social network. It helps users connect with content creators and brands through the “Discover” facility. If you’re a B2C business, Snapchat marketing can be a very effective tool to promote your offerings. As a leading digital marketing agency in Pennsylvania, we can help you ace this marketing avenue to boost your branding.

Video Content

Snapchat globally has 293 million active users on a daily basis. We can help you devise the best strategy for Snapchat video marketing to reach a large target audience, especially millennials and Gen Zers. Users can share videos and photos that disappear after 24 hours. Since the content lifespan is short, users get encouraged to share more often. Use this to your advantage!

Interactive Sponsored Content

Snapchat has launched new interactive sponsored content ads. These are full-screen videos of 10s each that appear while watching the stories of friends. Users can swipe up to interact with your advertisement. You can set it to have them install an app, read an article, watch a longer video, or simply link to a website. We can help you create compelling sponsored Snapchat ads.
Even if you don’t have a large following on Snapchat, the platform helps you measure the success of your marketing based on unique views, total views, and screenshots. Being a top agency for social media management and marketing services, we will help you boost your brand awareness on Snapchat and drive traffic and conversions.
There is no need to worry about it. Our digital marketing consultants can professionally guide you through Snapchat marketing and discuss how to create better video ad content to help achieve your target.
Grab attention to your Snapchat account by sharing your username and Snapcode on your already present social media accounts. Post a picture of your Snapcode to help users easily access your profile so they can follow you. Show the users your offerings by sharing samples of your Snap presence. Also, consider posting ads consistently with some professional help to boost brand awareness.
Focus on interacting effectively with the app’s highly engaged audience. The best way to use the platform is by regularly posting sponsored ads. Our expert video content creators can help you capitalize on this. You can even make a big announcement or promote a product launch by creating an on-brand filter or lens. (Remember X-Men: Apocalypse Snapchat filters.)
Thought that Gen Zers and millennials are the only users of Snapchat? No more. The demographics of this platform are rapidly changing and targeting users even older than 35. This is good news for businesses that wish to target users over this age. As of December 2019, the app has 210 million active users daily. Nearly 9% of them were 50-64 years old while 25% were 30-49 years old.
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