Pinterest Marketing​

Marketing on Pinterest can help B2C firms get the word out about their offerings. The platform is a powerful tool to share visual content to showcase your products. It allows users to plan, collect, discuss, and share common interests, and direct traffic to your business platform. You can set up a unique pin board to attract users of common interests and gain followers.

Pin Creation

Creating a pin is quite easy. First, tap the plus sign available at the top of your profile. On the drop-down menu, choose “Create Pin”. Post an image file from your device and give it a destination link. From this link, you can save an image from the site. Give a title and description to your pin. Select a board to add the pin to. Click on “Save”. Your pin will thus be created!

Pinterest Board Curation

Keep your Pinterest boards evergreen or current. Try organizing general boards by adding sections. Organize boards as per brand content buckets. Create custom board covers. Avoid keeping underutilized or outdated boards live. Add hashtags and keywords to board descriptions. As a top agency for social media management and marketing services, we can help you ace Pinterest marketing.
You can have around 30-50 boards on the Pinterest account of your brand. Consider starting with around 10-15 boards. It can be increased as your content library grows.
Add a combination of curated and original content to your Pinterest boards to make them rich in value with diverse content. You can get curated content from other profiles and websites.
Try to have around 5-10 group boards in total. It is a good idea to opt for group boards that have earned high engagement rates. But how will you know that? Leave it to our marketing experts.
You don’t need to worry about it. Our digital marketing consultants will patiently guide you through it and explain every step from creating an account to building the ideal Pinterest board suited to your business.
If you wish to pin daily, you can schedule about 10-30 time slots every day. Make this a thumb rule for your brand’s profile on Pinterest. Plan to pin consistently when you fix the schedule. Make sure to always prioritize quality over quantity. Therefore, focus on attractive pin images and strong content, and stick to the above range.
You can start with creating 20-30 graphics. Then go ahead and fill up your schedule with a blend of curated and the above, i.e., original content.
Some of the most popular Pinterest topics are DIY, women’s fashion, arts, food and recipes, and animals.
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