LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a top social media platform that allows B2B businesses to target their network and earn more links from it. We can assist you in LinkedIn marketing to help you generate leads, gain trust, target promotions, generate traffic from the world’s busiest news feed, adapt to trends, market through funnels, and more. You can trust us as a top digital marketing agency in Pennsylvania.

Thought Leadership

We can help you become a LinkedIn thought leader. We’ll help optimize your LinkedIn profile for people from your industry to find you, and use your recommendations, endorsements, and skills to show your expertise. We’ll reshare insights on your industry and brand and post your achievements. We can also help develop cross-promotional content with other LinkedIn thought leaders.

Lead Generation

A top feature of LinkedIn is its platform to publish content. Your content can be published natively on LinkedIn Pulse. Posts from your business blog can also be republished on this platform. These help in lead generation. As a leading agency for social media marketing and management services, we’ll offer you the best guidance to generate leads through effective LinkedIn marketing.
LinkedIn is the top professional social networking platform for B2B lead generation. This makes LinkedIn marketing highly beneficial for B2B companies. The platform has 690+ million global members and 80% of them drive business decisions. Using these opportunities, you can generate leads, boost your branding, and drive website traffic.
The platform has helped 45% of marketers acquire customers. LinkedIn helps generate 277% better leads than Facebook. It makes for 80% of B2B leads and over 50% of the net social traffic to B2B websites. This platform is the #1 choice for industrially relevant content. So, 91% of business executives opt for it.
We’ll find highly targeted connections and customers, stay on customers’ radars, grow your email marketing list, use sponsored updates, post high-quality content pitching your offerings to promote your business on LinkedIn. You can also do your part, such as build potential connections and turn them into relationship and avoid hard sells.
You can use this platform to build your personal and professional brand, generate new clients and prospects, build your network of vendors and partners, and stay up-to-date with industry trends.
Specify what your offer is and what your company is about. Add a link to your profile in your email signature. Keep a LinkedIn follow widget on your blog or your site. Let our expert content creators help you regularly post great content and run a simple pay-per-click campaign. Follow other companies in your industry and boost your follower count from your employees.
Our digital marketing consultants recommend posting at least 3 times every week. Ensure to not post more than twice per day.
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