Email & Automation

IQnection is a trusted email marketing agency in Pennsylvania specializing in email automation. Now you can stop the tedious task of sending individual emails. We offer automated email marketing to nurture and engage your target audience. Our strategies can help you drive website traffic, convert leads into customers, boost product adoption, keep your existing customers engaged, as well as cross-sell and upsell your offerings.

Workflow Strategy

We help identify the most strategic email marketing automation tools and set it up as per your email campaign goals. Our team has wide experience in market segmentation, designing bespoke campaigns and writing emails to drive conversions. The next step is to set up email automation with the right conditions and frequency. Finally, we run tests, take the campaign live and keep monitoring and reporting its progress.

Content Creation

Our content creation services help your emails stand apart. We write and design compelling emails to promote your brand and keep your target users hooked and loyal. Our email content creation is backed by powerful templates that are suited for different types of campaigns. Be it an email to welcome users, onboard customers, follow up with prospective clients, retargeting, or sending newsletters, we have the right talent to get it done right.

Delivery & Execution

We offer best-in-class email automation services even under stringent deadlines and execute your campaigns as promised. Our work is done only when you are 100% satisfied. For that, we will gladly review your setup as many times as required. Our email marketing consultants are always patient to listen to your ideas and give you suggestions to take your campaign to the next level.

Custom Audits

In an email automation audit, you will see triggered email campaigns to make sure everything is going as planned. You can check the email links, content, templates, API triggers, and more. You can combine or split the audits, or even try an all-encompassing one. We are thorough in auditing our email marketing campaign against predetermined parameters to ensure that you get the best results.
Automated emails, also known as behavior-driven or triggered emails, are messages that an email service provider sends in direct response to a particular action taken (or not taken) by your target users on your app or website. The process of creating such emails is called email automation.
We automate marketing emails by setting up email sequences and auto-responses using automation software to streamline your marketing campaign. We also track their progress and report their effectiveness.
Some of the best email automation tools that we use are HubSpot, SharpSpring, and BigCommerce.
Yes. Almost any kind of email can be automated. Email automation works the best for welcoming new users, retargeting, sending newsletters, nurturing leads, and targeting instances of abandoned carts.
The emails should be sent consistently in a way to keep your target audience updated without being too pushy or too frequent. We will determine the ideal balance for your campaign with A/B testing.
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