A Journey from Lion Cub to Sales Lion

Sales! Its what every business aims for. This week's blog is written by Eric Jacobson, Business Development Manager at IQnection, about his experiences in Dan Tyre's Sales Lion, an exclusive class for Hubspot sales professionals. We hope you can apply some of Eric's suggestions from his experience to your own business. - Greg Cawood, President, IQnection  One experience with Dan Tyre's Sales Lion

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Make Connections at the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce Business Card Exchange

Central Bucks Chamber of CommerceNetworking online means more than just connecting with a bunch of people on LinkedIn or Twitter. And networking offline goes beyond just handing out business cards.

There’s an art to both kinds of networking, and some of the tricks for connecting with prospects in person will also help you connect on the web.

Here are a few tips on how to network, whether you’re at a business luncheon or on your laptop.

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What Is the Purpose of Your Website?

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Your website is one of the most important tools you can use to grow your business. Most companies, however, have no idea what makes an effective website, or how to position content that will speak to their prospective customers. This short guide will teach you how to reposition your content to be client focused and, in turn, much more effective.

But before you sit down and start typing, ask yourself this one simple question: What is the purpose of my website?

When it comes to creating content, this is far and away the most important question you can ask yourself. The answer should both inform and guide every creative aspect of your website.