A Guidebook To Business Growth With Inbound Sales Strategy – PART 2

Part 2 - Building an Inbound Sales Strategy

Today we’re going to continue our guide for entrepreneurs trying to build their businesses.
Our first installment talked about creating a marketing strategy. In this section, we’ll focus on sales.

In an ideal world, you’d launch your new business with the ability
to hire a veteran salesperson or two to go out and promote your product or service.

But in reality, you’re just getting started, and you may have to be in “one-man-band” mode for a little while. That means being your own salesperson. And while that might seem daunting, there are steps you can take to improve your sales. Continue reading “A Guidebook To Business Growth With Inbound Sales Strategy – PART 2” »

Procurement Professionals Are Migrating To Online Resources

Online MarketingImagine you’re in the marketplace in some long ago city. Instead of selling whatever high-tech product or process that you sell now, you’re selling fruit.

People from all over the world are in the marketplace, everyone vying for their business.

If this doesn’t sound all that different from the internet, well, you’re on the right track. The marketplace may be digital, and your product more high-tech, but it’s still tough to capture b2b buyers’ attention. Continue reading “Procurement Professionals Are Migrating To Online Resources” »

The 7 Differences Between Effective & Ineffective Salespeople [VIDEO]

Good salespeople are effective not because of their  charisma or fancy techniques. They simply have good habits, while the ineffective majority of salespeople have poor habits. This AudioBlog compares seven of the most notable habits of highly effective and  ineffective salespeople.


Continue reading “The 7 Differences Between Effective & Ineffective Salespeople [VIDEO]” »

Planning Your Manufacturing Marketing Strategy for 2016

Manufacturing MarketingIt’s January. Did you exercise today? Avoid sugar? Stick to your promise to wake up an hour earlier? 

Don’t worry. It’s hard to keep to personal resolutions. But even if you can’t change yourself, you can always change the way you promote your business. Here are a few things to focus on when planning a marketing strategy for 2016. Continue reading “Planning Your Manufacturing Marketing Strategy for 2016” »

Sales & Marketing – Friends for Life

sales & marketingA few months ago, we asked this question: “Do you have a closed loop between marketing and sales?”

It’s a question that’s worth asking again, as the gap between sales and marketing – whether it’s in perception or reality – is one that worries many companies.

The closed loop is a system where sales and marketing collaborate using the data marketing gets from its analysis to qualify leads and generate better quality leads. It makes both groups responsible for following up and gets them to line up their goals. Continue reading “Sales & Marketing – Friends for Life” »