Heartbleed Bug: IQnection Update

Heartbleed LogoNews about the “Heartbleed Bug” has been circulating widely over the last few days. At IQnection, we value your privacy and take the security of your website extremely seriously. When news of the Heartbleed Bug broke, we took immediate steps to ensure that each client website is secured. We would like to update you on the specific actions we have taken to secure your website.

What exactly is the ‘Heartbleed Bug’?
The Heartbleed Bug was discovered on April 7 by researchers from Google and a security firm named Codenomicon. The bug can potentially expose names, passwords, and content you send to secure websites using OpenSSL, a piece of encryption software used by a majority of internet servers (about 66 percent). Continue reading “Heartbleed Bug: IQnection Update” »

What If You Lost Your Website Domain Name?

How much have you invested into establishing your domain name as part of your brand? In just business cards and letterhead alone, many companies have invested thousands of dollars over time directing customers to their website. If you have invested in advertising and search engine optimization you could stand to lose even more if you were to lose that domain name. How much could the loss of your domain cost you in lost advertising, revenue, and productivity from lost e-mail and website outage time related to losing your domain?

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Setting up your phone for e-mail

There are a wide range of mobile devices (iPhone's, Blackberry's PDA's, etc.) that allow you to not only make phone calls, but now offer an email client as well to check your email remotely. While all of the options these new phones offer provide more ways for us to stay in touch, configuring them can be a bit of a task. As your website and email hosting provider, we do support standard PC/Mac e-mail clients. However, due to the vast differences from phone to phone, and liability issues with phone providers, we are unable to offer full configuration support.

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Email Quota Messages

In the midst of the holiday season we all tend to collect quite a bit of e-mail in our inboxes, whether it is vacation notice e-mails, email notices of upcoming sales, keeping in touch with everyone and last minute shopping. The usual email traffic this time of year can nearly double. With all of this email piling up we want to take a moment to answer a few of the questions you may have about email quota messages.

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