Promoting The Value Proposition Of Your Business

iStock_000076021675_Medium.jpgIt’s nice to hear “You’re the best” from a friend or loved one.

But when you’re considering doing business with a company, you don’t want to hear them say “We’re the best.”

Sure, some companies tell you what they’re the best at doing. We have the fastest network, voted the safest car, etc. But simply saying “We’re the best [your industry] company in [your region]” isn’t enough. Your potential customers need to know how what you make or what you do can help them. Continue reading “Promoting The Value Proposition Of Your Business” »

Make Connections at the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce Business Card Exchange

Central Bucks Chamber of CommerceNetworking online means more than just connecting with a bunch of people on LinkedIn or Twitter. And networking offline goes beyond just handing out business cards.

There’s an art to both kinds of networking, and some of the tricks for connecting with prospects in person will also help you connect on the web.

Here are a few tips on how to network, whether you’re at a business luncheon or on your laptop.

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Sales & Marketing – Friends for Life

sales & marketingA few months ago, we asked this question: “Do you have a closed loop between marketing and sales?”

It’s a question that’s worth asking again, as the gap between sales and marketing – whether it’s in perception or reality – is one that worries many companies.

The closed loop is a system where sales and marketing collaborate using the data marketing gets from its analysis to qualify leads and generate better quality leads. It makes both groups responsible for following up and gets them to line up their goals. Continue reading “Sales & Marketing – Friends for Life” »

What Are SMART Goals?

SMART GoalsYou might have some smart ideas for your next inbound marketing campaign. But have you set SMART goals?

The two things go hand in hand.

SMART in this case is an acronym. It means that you’ve set Specific (S) and Measurable (M) goals that are both Attainable (A), Realistic (R), and Time-bound (T).

Let’s take a closer look at how that works: Continue reading “What Are SMART Goals?” »

Eating with Friends vs. Eating with Strangers. The Beauty of Referrals

Inbound MarketingYou wouldn't want to go to a party where you didn't know anyone. If you were choosing a restaurant, you might be more inclined to eat somewhere your friends recommended.

And that's how you should think about getting marketing referrals: it's better to go with a lead who was referred to you by a colleague or existing client than one that you're basically cold-calling.

Leads that come from referrals are often the easiest to close, since they're reliable and don't require you to go in blind.

Here are a few tips on how to focus your inbound marketing strategy on getting strong referrals:

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Closing The Marketing and Sales Loop

Closed Loop Marketing SalesDo you have a closed loop between marketing and sales? If not, you might be leaving revenue on the table for someone else to collect.

What is Closed loop marketing?  Basically it describes a system in which your sales team and your marketing team work together using the data marketing gets from its analysis to qualify leads and generate higher quality leads. It holds both groups accountable for follow up, and gets them to align their goals.

Here are the four steps of the process, as explained by the software and marketing company Hubspot:

Step 1.  You Have a Visitor

Your website gets a visitor, and a cookie tracks their actions and allows your sales and marketing teams to trace them to their original source, whether they arrived at your site via social media, a web search, or by simply typing in your URL.

This lets you know how different marketing efforts are doing and adjust accordingly. If you make your website the hub of all your inbound marketing efforts, you've begun to close the loop.

You should also create a tracking URL for every marketing campaign directing traffic to your site, in order to get a better grasp on where visitors are coming from.

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Manufacturers, What Does Your Dream Customer Look Like?

Article Read Time: About 6 Minutes
Bonus Content: Persona Development Worksheet

Persona DevelopmentIn all elements of marketing, strategy is always paramount. Inbound marketing can easily be misused and turned into a content overload for your customers. To effectively carry out an inbound marketing engagement, we recommend clearly understanding your dream customer's needs, wants and language. Based on this, develop an ideal customer persona, and create a content calendar that your persona will relate to and appreciate.

Know Your Dream Customer Well

The first step is doing your research. Spend time talking to your ideal customers and understanding them. Making sure you clearly understand your customers will ensure that the conversations you have with them are correct.

Conduct Interviews and Research

Conducting interviews, performing surveys and researching your current customer base is the best way to determine who your ideal customer is, and to create a persona that represents that customer. Remember to include your sales and customer service teams, as they should already have a good understanding of your customers. Below is the type of information you should try to ascertain during your research.

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