Why IQnection Believes in Using HubSpot Inbound Marketing Methodology

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Last week we announced that we have earned Platinum Certified Agency Partner status with HubSpot. HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing automation tool combined with customer relationship management software. Of course, there are several tools on the market that advertise themselves as marketing automation software or customer relationship management software, and sometimes both. So why have we chosen to use HubSpot in our own business and encouraged our clients to adopt it as well? Continue reading “Why IQnection Believes in Using HubSpot Inbound Marketing Methodology” »

Philadelphia Inbound Marketing Agency, IQnection, Awarded HubSpot Platinum Certified Agency Partner

Doylestown, Pennsylvania: Doylestown web design and inbound marketing agency IQnection has been awarded Platinum Certified Agency Partner status by HubSpot, one of the world’s leading marketing software developers.

Philadelphia Inbound Marketing Agency IQnection is now a HubSpot Platinum Certified Agency Partner

Certified Agency Partners offer inbound marketing services to a variety of clients using HubSpot’s cutting edge software, combining both customer relationship management services and the industry’s leading marketing automation platform. Platinum Certified Agency Partner status is one of the highest certifications an inbound marketing agency can achieve with HubSpot. It indicates that IQnection has brought the latest inbound digital marketing practices to a large number of clients while delivering services that meet HubSpot’s high standards.

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How Much Should I Budget for Marketing?

Boss adding up numbers. Budget for Marketing.

If you own a business, you know that keeping your financial metrics in line is a critical part of your daily operations.  Balancing the amount of money that you spend on key areas of your business with the amount of revenue that your business generates is a fine balancing act that requires a lot of time and experience to do correctly.  But getting the financials of your company wrong can lead to immediate and significant harm to your company’s health and to you and your employees. Continue reading “How Much Should I Budget for Marketing?” »

A Journey from Lion Cub to Sales Lion

Sales! Its what every business aims for. This week's blog is written by Eric Jacobson, Business Development Manager at IQnection, about his experiences in Dan Tyre's Sales Lion, an exclusive class for Hubspot sales professionals. We hope you can apply some of Eric's suggestions from his experience to your own business. - Greg Cawood, President, IQnection  One experience with Dan Tyre's Sales Lion

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CTAs and Blogs Go Together Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter



There are some things that are already great on their own, but somehow manage to become even better when combined with another wonderful thing.

Lennon and McCartney. Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. Peanut butter and chocolate.

CTAs and blogs.

Your blog might be effective on its own, but it’s much more effective with a good CTA.

A call to action (or CTA) is what it sounds like: you are inviting your visitors to take a step beyond reading your blog. A CTA can take the form of a few lines of text, or a simple button at the bottom of the article. Continue reading “CTAs and Blogs Go Together Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter” »

What Is A Landing Page? [VIDEO]




There are certain words that start off with very specific meanings, but overtime become catch-all terms.

For example, Kleenex and Band-Aid are brand names, but we use them to describe pretty much any tissue or adhesive bandage.

The same kind of thing is happening in the digital world, where we’re seeing a lot of people use the term “landing page” to describe any kind of page on a website.

But for people in the digital marketing sphere, it’s important to be precise. There’s something about a landing page that makes a landing page different from other pages.

So, what is a landing page?

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4 Steps to a Great B2B Social Media Strategy

Read enough blogs about social media and marketing for business-to-business companies, and you’ll see the same point coming up again and again: If you’re a B2B firm, you need to be on LinkedIn. A great B2B social media strategy starts with LinkedIn - but doesn't end there.

It’s true. It’s the ideal social network for the B2B world, allowing you to make connections and share ideas. Most B2B marketers – 91 percent of them – say they are on LinkedIn, while 65 percent of B2B firms have picked up a customer using the platform. Another 50 percent say they consider LinkedIn an important research tool.

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Showing Engagement and Passion


There’s one key element to your business efforts you might not hear much when it comes to talk of marketing initiatives, content, ROI, social media, or analytics.


Passion connects you to your audience.  Displaying passion for your business, your industry, or your job responsibilities elicits an emotional response from your target group. Even if they don’t understand the intricacies of what you do, they can get excited about it right along with you.

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