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Converting Website Visitors to Leads: Studying The Conversion Pathway

“A fly on the wall…”

People use that phrase to imagine themselves witnessing or overhearing something interesting or valuable: “I’d love to have been a fly on the wall during that conversation.”

We can do a lot at IQnection, but we don’t have super fly powers.

What we do have is the ability –thanks to special tracking software – to get an inside glimpse at how prospects interact with our clients’ websites.

In this video, you’ll see an actual representation of what one prospect did while visiting the website of FlowMetric, an IQnection client.

As the video’s narrator puts it: “It’s as if we’re sitting behind the prospect looking over their shoulder.”

We can watch their scrolls and clicks as they read the blog, and see in real time what actions the prospect took before deciding to download a content offer from FlowMetric.

This tracking helps us improve conversion rates for our clients by allowing us to get enough info on the prospect’s behavior to personalize content for future offers.

Our digital marketing team can help you figure out a strategy that tells you who your ideal customers are and what they want to see.

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