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How Video Marketing Improves Private School Enrollment

Private School MarketingVideo is fast becoming the dominant form of content on the internet, and you’d have to try pretty hard to find a business that wasn’t using some sort of video to sell its product.

Realtors put videos of homes on-line in order to give clients a virtual tour. Online retailers use videos to share their latest ad campaign. Tech companies make videos that show off all the bells and whistles of their newest smartphone or tablet.

Pick an industry, and you’ll find a business there using video to tell their stories.

Your private school should be part of that trend. Video can help you communicate with your pupils and their parents, to document big events at the school, and to engage potential students.

This is the first part of a two-part post on how using video marketing can boost enrollment at private schools.

Video: One Tool On Your Belt

Private schools need to find ways to stand out from their competitors. The right inbound marketing plan can help you do that, and video can be a powerful component of that strategy.

It’s important to have the right text on your website, ideally using keywords that will get the attention of search engines. And sharing photos is important as well. Social media posts that use images tend to get more attention, and will draw people back to your school website.

But video — more than text or photos — can give your future students an in-depth, immersive view into life at the school. Those prospective students can watch your video and put themselves in the shoes of the people they’re viewing. They can say “That could my classroom,” or “I could be on that soccer field.”

And luckily, you won’t need to hire actors. You have a home-grown talent pool right on your grounds, students and teachers and staff who likes being at your school and will be happy to share their experiences on camera.

Choose Wisely

It’s still important to consider marketing your school with a variety of media. Sometimes text, or an audio interview, is the best way to go. Sometimes photos are the best way to tell a story. Too many videos can overwhelm visitors. The things that make your school stand out can get lost.

So choose wisely when deciding what to turn into a video. It may be hard to convince someone to watch a lecture on Hamlet or an algebra lesson. Video should show people doing interesting things — a sporting event, the school play, a chorus concert — or capture big events, like the first day of school, or graduation.

If you’re nervous about taking on a longer video project, start small, with something geared toward the school community: maybe a video thanking your donors, a video holiday card for the campus, or welcoming students who have just been accepted.

These type of videos are great ways for private schools to strengthen a connection with their viewers. The intended audience may be people already affiliated with your school, but prospective students will get a better idea of what your community is like.

A strong inbound marketing campaign that includes video will help you give people a better idea of life inside your school.

In the second part of this post, we’ll talk about what types of video to use for certain audiences, and when to hire outside help.

Although there are many inbound marketing tools you can use to promote your school, video can help potential students picture themselves on your campus.

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