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Client Success Story: Converting a $250 investment into $26,000 of new sales using Social Media

kinsmanFB_graphicWe hear a lot of skepticism about using social media to market a business. Not many businesses owners feel that their products or services translate into the social media realm. Some may be right, however, we have had amazing success using social media to generate real revenue for our clients, and we wanted to share one particular client success story with you.

This particular campaign started in March of 2014 and ran for one month. It resulted in over $26,000 in new retail sales. The campaign used a carefully crafted Facebook promoted post and an incentive which enticed visitors to visit their website. We utilized a small coupon incentive and a promotional code to reinforce behaviors. Our team focused primarily on Facebook, but also used secondary social media sharing sites like Twitter and Retailmenot. As a direct result of the campaign, our client saw a total of 342 orders. One of the most amazing things about this promotion (which once again brought over $26,000 in sales) is that it only cost our client $250 in media buy charges. Talk about a great return on investment!

When creating this campaign, we were very specific about who we wanted to entice and where we thought we could find them. The ad was targeted to a specific geographic and demographic range, which allowed us to narrow the scope to those who would be most likely to respond. This enabled us to keep costs down for the client while maximizing the likely response rate. This level of granularity enabled us to ensure such a solid return on investment for our client.

Interested in seeing similar results? (We know you are.) Contact IQnection today and we can discuss your social strategy, as well as all your other web marketing goals.

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