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Does Google Like My Website?

For better or worse, the reality is – Google controls the ultimate success or failure of most online businesses. The ability to achieve first page placement on Google can mean the difference between huge profits or an ongoing struggle for your website. Many variables factor into search engine placement. One of these factors is PageRank™.

PageRank™ is a proprietary Google metric that is applied to all websites as a means of measuring relative value. The exact makeup of PageRank™ is known only to Google. The scale runs from 0 to 10. The vast majority of websites have a PageRank™ (PR) of 0 which means Google judges them to have little or no value. At the other end of the spectrum are websites with a PR of 10. They usually have millions of content-rich pages and are constantly expanding; therefore Google sees them as providing high value. Examples include,, etc.

Most business websites rarely exceed a PR of 5 but occasionally some do make it to 6. Targeting a PR of 3 to 5 for your website is a reasonable goal which should help get you to page one placement for all but the most competitive keyword phrases. To view your website’s PageRank™, you can use one of the many PR Tools on the web (e.g. –

If your website is not ranking well, there are a number of things you can do. One of the most successful strategies for increasing PageRank™ is link building. For more ideas and help on improving your website PageRank™ please contact Frank Stoczko at or call 215-345-5424 x214.

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