Life Sciences Web Design for Champions Oncology

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Life Sciences Web Design Project

Web Design Portfolio Project:
Champions Oncology

Founded in 2007, Champions Oncology has grown from a single service platform to a full-service contract research organization.

Armed with their industry’s most-highly characterized tumor bank of relevant clinical and molecular data, their mission is to meet “the challenges of cancer drug development by providing innovative solutions that ultimately improve patients’ lives.”

In short, this is an innovative company…but one that – until recently – had an average website.

Our challenge here was two-fold. Champions Oncology needed a site that spoke with authority, which conveyed their confidence in their brand and focused on their strength.

But the project also required a fairly complex Salesforce integration, along with a connection to the marketing platform HubSpot.

It was also a project with a short turn-around. We began work in earnest at the start of 2020 and took the site live on the internet in mid-February.

Champions Oncology’s new site is much more reflective of the caliber of work they provide. And with their HubSpot partnership, they’re accessing business intelligence they wouldn’t otherwise have, allowing them to target specific customers.

We’re proud to have been able to give Champions Oncology a product that’s not simply a website, but a full-integrated marketing tool. Contact our sales team to learn how IQnection can do the same for you.

New Site Launch: US Pipelining


A leader in the field of trenchless pipelining, US Pipelining has handled storm sewer and sanitary sewer projects for clients that include Johnson and Johnson, SeaWorld, SEPTA, Shell, Disney World and NASA.

This Langhorne-based company operates around the country and prides itself on offering efficient solutions and “a quick and less stressful” overall experience for its customers.

Unfortunately, their website did not reflect this ethos. They came to us with a broken WordPress site that used an outdated drag-and-drop-theme and featured plug-ins that didn’t work. They’d also been working with a developer who hadn’t been responsive to their needs.

We gave US Pipelining a new platform which much more stability and attention to detail. It’s a fully responsive site – meaning it looks great on any device – that speaks to their strengths as a company.

Are you worried that your website doesn’t reflect who you are as a company? IQnection can help. Contact our sales department to learn how our web design and marketing teams can create a site that attracts your ideal customer

Retirement Community Web Design Project

A Doylestown Web Design Company

Retirement Community Web Design

Based in Doylestown, Pine Run Retirement Community is a thriving senior living and continuing care community.  They are dedicated to promoting wellness, independence, and exceptional care.  The Pine Run retirement community commissioned us to do a retirement community web design project.  We knew that we needed to do more than just focus on aesthetics.

It was important for us to create a structure for this site that made sense for the residents of Pine Run and their families.  We also wanted to showcase the high-quality support and benefits available to people considering moving to the Pine Run retirement community.  In addition we wanted to make sure that we highlighted Pine Run’s affiliation with the Doylestown Health system and the continuum of care they offer. 

IQnection is extremely proud of this retirement community web design project.  It was a pleasure to help the Pine Run retirement community promote their wonderful services and beautiful campus.  It was especially gratifying to serve Doylestown's elder population.  We were able to create a wonderful retirement community website for their residents to use. 

If you’d like to know how our web design can help you redesign your retirement community website.  Or if you want to attract a new audience to your business, please contact us! We look forward to showing how we can help your retirement community grow. 


New Site Launch: Penn Community Bank

IQnection is pleased to announce the launch of one of our latest websites, a complete redesign for Penn Community Bank, the region’s largest, locally-run, independent mutual bank.

IQnection prides itself on working with clients who share our values, which is part of what made Penn Community such a good fit.

Their motto is “Here We Grow,” which denotes not only their commitment to financial growth but their belief that they have a responsibility to the community.

They illustrate this dedication through their charitable foundation, their employee volunteer program and their role as a mutual bank, which means they’re accountable to customers, not shareholders.

How did we help them grow?

With a site that’s been streamlined, updated and upgraded, yet still communicates Penn Community’s long-held values, its roots in the community and its relationships.

It was a project with a lot of moving pieces. We needed to work with several of the bank’s partners, including branding experts, ad buyers and videographers, while also paying heed to the critical security issues that come with online banking.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done for Penn Community Bank and excited for the work to come, as we help market their business in the Bucks/Montgomery area.

If you’d like to know how our marketing, programming or design teams can help you reach new customers, contact our sales team. We look forward to showing how we can help your company grow.


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