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For the better part of two decades, IQnection has worked with King of Prussia area businesses to help them share their stories and entice new customers with the help of our devoted team of marketing and web design experts.

Inside our office you’ll find professionals with a variety of certifications from platforms including – but not limited to – HubSpot, BigCommerce, and Google AdWords. We can offer your business with a team that brings decades of experience in web development, marketing, search engine optimization – otherwise known as SEO – copywriting and graphic design.

A King of Prussia Leader in Web Design

Does your business’ website seem stuck in the 1990s? Do users have a tough time accessing it on their mobile devices, or get frustrated at checkout?

IQnection can help fix those problems. Our web design experts will get to know what drives your company and customers and design a new site that reflects your business, delights your prospects and adds value to your organization.

The wide array of digital marketing expertise we provide will allow you to connect with new customers in King of Prussia and the surrounding community thanks to skills that include:

  • Graphic design with an emphasis on digital interfaces such as website design
  • Website content and navigation architecture
  • Integration of platforms such as CRMs (customer relationship management), MAPs (marketing automation platforms) and e-commerce sites.
  • Brand consistency, so your customers will get the same message, whether it’s on the web, through email or via social media
  • Copywriting and content creation that will hone your messaging and connect with your ideal customers

King of Prussia web design experts

Your website should be more than just a path to new sales, as valuable as that may be. A good website also serves as a digital extension of your business, as crucial to drawing in new customers as an attractive storefront is to the brick-and-mortar arm of your company.

We’ll take the time to learn about your business and its audience, which allows us to build a website that paints a true picture your company, speaks to your customers and drives them towards a purchase.

IQnection’s web design services include:

  • A responsive design website shown across desktop, mobile and tablet. Professional, attention-grabbing web design that boosts the perceived value of your brand and is also fluid enough to evolve along with your business
  • Site development to craft a website or e-commerce solution tailored to your company
  • Responsive design, so that your site looks amazing regardless of the how it is accessed – mobile phones, laptops, desktops.
  • Full support, through our convenient “Easy Pass” support contracts which provide expedited requests and a reduced hourly billing rate.

If you’re trying to build a web presence that will let you expand the reach of your business through the King of Prussia area and beyond, please fill out the form on this page. Our web design experts will contact you to discuss how IQnection can assist you.

5 Must-Haves for Your New Website Design

Imagine if you decided to put an addition on your home without first talking with an architect. Seems silly, right? It would be just as ridiculous to launch a new website without knowing which features you wanted – or needed – to include.

Here are five “must-haves” for your new web design.

1. Content management system

Otherwise known as a CMS, this tool lets you log into your website and change your images of web copy without having to call up a web developer to do it for you. Once you’ve gotten a handle on how your content management system works – a service IQnection’s web design experts offer – you’ll have a much easier time updating your site as your company changes and grows.

2. A blog

A woman reading a blog on web design Do you want to position your company as an expert in your industry? Start a blog. It shows readers that you know your industry and what it takes to solve problems for your clients.

It’s also a useful way for keeping your site up-to-date, and sites whose content is regularly updated typically perform better in search engine rankings, especially when those blogs are filled with keyword-rich phrases connected to your industry.

3. Calls to action

Calls to action, known in marketing circles as “CTAs” – are website graphics, or text that is designed – as the name suggests – to call visitors to take an action: Contact us. Follow us on social media. Download our new white paper.

You should have at least one call to action on every page of your website, in addition to a “Contact us” form or your business phone number.

4. Make them an offer

A premium content offer on a phoneFinally, you’ll want to make sure your new site gives visitors a simple method of interacting with your company beyond direct business offers such as “schedule a free consultation.”

Not everyone who visits your website is ready to sign on as a customer, but they are likely at least somewhat curious about your business.

Help satisfy that curiosity with content that lets them know more about your industry and your company’s role within it. Do this in exchange for an email address.

This content might be a free whitepaper, e-book or case study. The important thing is the form you include on this page: your visitor fills it out to access your content, and you get contact information. This allows you to keep marketing to them via email after they leave your site.

5. Responsive Design

The term responsive design comes from the way your site changes its layout to respond to the different screens on which it appears. Whether customers are accessing your website on their phone or on their desktop, the site will look great and be easy to use.

This distinction has become increasingly crucial as more and more people access websites on their phones and only on their phones!

Making your site responsive will not only make it easier for site visitors to use, it will also make your website to find. Google has updated the criteria it uses for ranking sites as people’s search habits have changed, giving responsive and mobile-friendly sites a higher priority. We’ll discuss this in more detail in the following section.

King of Prussia Web Design: Why You Need a Responsive Website

A responsive website on desktop, laptop, mobile phone and tabletThey called it “Mobilegeddon.” That was the nickname the web design world used in 2015 to describe a change to Google’s algorithm that would prioritize mobile search results from responsive websites.

You’ll note that we said “responsive,” and not simply mobile friendly. That’s because while all responsive sites are mobile-friendly, not all mobile-friendly websites are responsive.

Sites that are mobile-friendly are generally configured for two scenarios: on your phone or on your computer, while a responsive site will change as you change devices.

While both pathways provide your visitors with a positive experience when they visit your site on a mobile device, responsive sites will be easier to use on some devices.

Why go responsive?

Those aren’t the only reason to make your site responsive (or at least mobile-friendly):

  • More than 50 percent of all traffic on the web comes from mobile devices
  • More than three quarters of people in the U.S. own a smartphone, a figure that’s predicted to move to 84 percent by 2022. Global smartphone ownership was projected to reach close to 3 billion in 2019.
  • According to HubSpot, 61 percent of consumers have a higher opinion of brands that can give users a positive experience when they access that brand’s site on a mobile device

If your company is ready to make your website mobile friendly, the King of Prussia web design professionals at IQnection can help. Let our team create a website that looks great and is easy to use no matter how your visitors view it.

King of Prussia Web Design: How to Make Your Site Easier to Use

Getting visitors to your website is only half the battle. The other half is convincing them to stick around, which becomes easier to do when your site is easier to use. Here a few ways to make that happen.

1. White space

According to HubSpot, white space can boost user attention by 20 percent while making your site feel “open, fresh and modern.”

But don’t think of white space as space that’s literally white. It’s a term that refers to the open, uncluttered space in a website’s layout that gives the eye a place to rest.

It’s a vital element in an attract web design, making your content easier to digest and helping readers home in on the elements you want to highlight.

2. Optimized page speed

Artistic representation of a webpage loadingToday’s internet users have come to expect a speedy load times when they access websites. If that site doesn’t deliver, they’ll find one that can. Just a few extra seconds of load time is all that it takes to substantially drive up your website’s bounce rate.

The term “bounce” refers to what happens when someone arrives on your site but leaves without clicking through to another page.

In the eyes of Google, a bounce indicates that users didn’t find your website helpful in answering their search query, which harms your search engine ranking. The more people who leave your site without visiting a second page, the higher your bounce rate.

Studies show that a load time of 1-3 seconds increases the likelihood of a bounce by 32 percent. At 1-5 seconds, the rate shoots to 90 percent. Anything higher and a bounce is all but certain.

A “bounce” is when someone comes to your site and leaves before visiting a second page. Google considers this a sign that your site or your content, were not helpful in answering the users question and it hurts your search engine ranking.

This is why having a web design team with a deeper technical skill set, one that enables them to do more than just plug in a Wordpress theme, is more vital than many people think.

3. Create appealing CTAs

Populating your site with CTAs is important. Just as important? Using attractive and engaging CTAs to keep users on your site.

This can start with color. Various colors are connected to different feelings. Determine the type of feeling you hope to evoke with you your colors – intelligence, trust, etc. – and choose them accordingly. (Your colors should also work well with your brand.)

Your choice of words for your CTA are crucial as well. The emphasis here is on action, so lead with action words: Sign up here, Download our guide, etc.

4. Break up your text

No one enjoys trudging through a giant wall of text. It’s bad enough in print and even worse on the web, where people typically scan rather than read.

That’s why it’s important to break up your text with shorter paragraphs, numbered lists and bulleted information. You’ll also want to use H1 headings and H2 subheads. Subheads make your text easier to scan and they also make your site easier to find by telling search engines what each page is about.

Search engines value headlines above other content so take care when crafting these.

Lastly, make your site easy to read by making sure people can see your copy. It should be at least 14px and in a web-optimized font that works on all devices.

5. Be up front about who you are and what you do

Three gears representing ethics, integrity, honesty Once you’ve made sure your page is loading rapidly enough to keep users on the site, you’ll next need to make it clear who your company is and what you make/do/sell right away. Research has shown nearly 50 percent of all buyers will leave a website very quickly if they can’t determine what the company behind it actually does.

6. Explain how you’re different

Your company – like all companies – has its own culture and delivers its products/service in a way that’s wholly unique to you.

But at the same time, there are a lot of options out there for your potential customers. Our web design team and marketing experts will push you to outline all the ways you stand out from your competitors, then use that information to showcase those differences in a succinct and effective way.

7. Use the right images

Just as with lists, headlines and bullets, the right images can make your site easier for users to navigate and more appealing.

Just use caution when choosing images. Stock photos might be able to illustrate what your company does, but the wrong stock photo can look generic.

HubSpot points to a case study that involved a New York City area mover that swapped out all the stock photos on its website with pictures of the company’s actual workers, which led to an increase in its conversion rates.

That isn’t to say you should always use your own photos. Poor quality images – low resolution, washed-out color, badly-framed or just visually uninteresting – will reflect poorly on your brand.

The bottom line: when you have very good, high-quality photos of your own, use them. If not, stock photos can provide a high-quality alternative, as long as they feel relatable and real, and you don’t overuse them.

This is all advice we’ve given to countless clients over the years. We’d be honored to add your site to that list. Contact IQnection today to connect with our King of Prussia web design and marketing team. We look forward to creating a site that transforms visitors into satisfied customers.

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