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The 5 Most Important Things That Google Looks At When Ranking Websites

Google uses a variety of factors to determine the order in which websites appear in search results. While the exact algorithm is a closely guarded secret, there are several key attributes that are known to be important in determining a website’s ranking. Here are the 5 most important attributes that we believe that Google uses to rank websites:

  1. Relevance: Google wants to provide the most relevant results for each search query, so it looks for websites that are closely related to the search terms used. This means that websites that contain content that is directly related to the search terms will rank higher than those that do not.
  2. Authority: Google also takes into account the authority of a website when determining its ranking. This is determined by factors such as the age of the domain, the number of high-quality backlinks the site has, and its overall reputation. Websites with strong authority will generally rank higher than those with weaker authority.
  3. Quality and originality of content: Google values high-quality, original content and will generally rank websites with this type of content higher than those with lower-quality or copied content. This means that websites that provide valuable information and unique perspectives on a given topic will typically rank higher than those that do not.
  4. User experience: Google wants to ensure that its users have a positive experience when using its search engine, so it takes into account factors such as the speed at which a website loads and its overall design when determining its ranking. Websites that are easy to navigate and provide a good user experience will generally rank higher than those that do not.
  5. Mobile-friendliness: With more and more people using smartphones and other mobile devices to access the internet, Google has placed a greater emphasis on mobile-friendliness when determining a website’s ranking. This means that websites that are easy to use on mobile devices will generally rank higher than those that are not.

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