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3 Marketing Videos Your Website Needs

Video MarketingVideo is taking over the internet. In just two years, video will be responsible for close to three quarters of all internet traffic, which means video marketing is more important than ever for your business.

More and more online users prefer video to text when they want to be engaged, entertained or informed. And although people want information, there’s a lot of it out there to digest. Video can help give customers that information in an easy-to-understand manner, while also going a long way to personalizing your business.

There are three ways video marketing can bring more people to your company’s site.

  • Search engine spiders visit popular video portals on the web, and then follow the link from your video back to your website. It gets your site indexed in record time, and in the case of businesses that aren’t in a very competitive niche, you’ll wind up with a higher search engine ranking.
  • Putting video on your company’s homepage and landing page means customers will spend more time there. That brings your “dwell time” which effects improves your page authority, which in turn means your ranking on search engines goes up as well.
  • Video sites like YouTube see a massive amount of traffic each day. YouTube has over 1 billion users, uploading 300 hours of video every minute, according to the site’s own statistics. If you make an engaging video, you have the potential for a huge audience, who will follow you from YouTube back to your site.

Here Are Three Types Of Marketing Videos Your Website Needs:

1) The Viral Video

When you hear “viral video,” you might think of the type of thing that gets shared on Facebook: a cute/funny animal or that footage the dad took of his dazed son one the way home from the dentist.

But a business can market itself with a viral video as well, so long as it’s funny, unique or memorable.

Unlike the other two kinds of videos which are posted directly to your website, a viral video is something that users will hopefully share on other sites — Facebook, YouTube — as often as possible, with the goal of it driving traffic back to your home page.

Of course, something goes viral due a combination of luck and timing and serendipity.

As blogger Daniel Sevitt put it: “Creating a viral video is a bit like catching a fish… with your hands. It’s slippery and almost impossible, but if you manage it, you’ll feel fantastic.”

Viral Video Example: (Currently has over 18 million views)

2) The Conversion Video

If viral videos are like winning the Powerball, then think of conversion videos as investing in a mutual fund: a steady and trustworthy form of video marketing, aimed at achieving a specific goal. It’s something more and more companies are focusing on as more consumers value video over text.

A conversion video should include a call to action:

  • Sign up here.
  • Download this.
  • Buy now.

Your video should be easily accessible and visible on your page. Video production standards vary, but you may want to use autoplay, or autoplay without sound if you’re worried about the video being too intrusive.

Conversion Video Example:

3) The Educational Video

Unlike the conversion video, the educational video isn’t likely to be something visitors see on your homepage.

You can put it deeper in your website, with the goal of — as the name suggests — educating them about your services and addressing their specific needs. For example, a roofing firm could make a video about the importance of picking the right shingles, rather than a video that says “Choose our company.”

The goal of an educational video is to establish your credibility and build trust with your audience. If they learn something from you, they’re likely to come back and learn more.

We’re a visual culture and video rules the land. To get your business noticed, you need to add video to your inbound marketing strategy. IQnection has helped business make this happen. You can read more about it on our website, but it’s just as easy to watch our video below.

Educational Video Example:

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