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How to Be a Successful Guest Blogger

One of the best ways to build authority in your industry is through blogging. Consumers are utilizing blogs more and more as a research tool when they are making important buying decisions for products and services. Consumers believe that blogs are written by industry experts who have experience in what they write about and can provide helpful suggestions.

With this is in mind, many brands are finding much success in guest blogging to share their industry knowledge through well-known blog sites. Guest blogging can be a very powerful marketing tool for showing prospective customers and search engines your industry knowledge, credibility and value. The benefits of guest blogging include: building credibility in your industry and driving audience traffic back to your site. In order to be successful as a guest blogger you must remember to write quality and relative content, choose the right blog and to build lasting relationships with blog site owners.

Write Quality & Relative Content

Providing a blog post with well-written, quality content to a site owner will give you a better chance of it getting published. It’s vital that your blog post is shared, and audiences are so interested in what you had said that they want to go back to your site to learn more about your business. By continually providing quality and relative content in blog posts, you can develop an audience that follows your posts, helping to build your credibility. Also, by consistently providing quality blog posts, blog sites will be more willing to publish your posts on a regular basis.

Choose the Right Blog

It’s important to do your research when looking for a site to publish as a guest blogger. They may have content that is relative to the keyword you searched for but is their audience the same as your audience? Are they writing for a consumer or B2B audience? What type of content do they generally publish? Look for a blog site that has guest posts by people that are similar to you and provide content that you would be able to write yourself. All of these points will help you when you are ready to introduce yourself to the site owner with a blog pitch.

Build Strong Relationships

It’s important to build long-lasting relationships with blog site owners to make sure you are published more than once. Submitting only one guest blog post won’t be enough to provide sufficient backlinks to your site and to help with building your credibility. Also, make sure you respect any guidelines they may have when submitting a post.

Guest blogging has become more and more popular over the past few years, due to the emphasis on content and how important it is in building your brand and driving traffic to your site. Don’t miss out on this easy and free marketing tactic! Contact our web marketing team today to learn more about adding guest blogging into your SEO strategy or call 215-345-5424.

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