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I Can’t Think Of Any New Topics For My Blog Articles

I often hear the same lament from clients, “I know I should be writing articles for my blog regularly but I cannot think of anything else to write about.” Writer’s block is an issue we all face from time-to-time. The good news is that it is not a permanent problem and can be easily fixed. Hopefully, this blog article will help you work around your writer’s block.

There are dozens of great topics out there just waiting for you to write about them. Here are some thought starters:

1. Have you done any custom/special projects recently/ever for a client? Talk about “Client X, a manufacturing company in Abington, PA asked us to do…” or “Client Y, a retailer from Horsham, PA asked if we could do…”

2. Before and after pictures of work you have done for clients. For example, “Client Z, a realtor in Warrington, PA, asked us to completely re-do…”

3. “Did you know that the (YOUR INDUSTRY) industry is a $xxx,xxx million industry. Here in the Philadelphia area…”

4. Talk about the individual products or services you offer, one per article. Explain how you do things differently than your competitors (your USP – unique selling proposition).

5. I’m sure your clients often ask questions. Answer those questions generically in a blog post. That’s how this blog post got written.

6. I’m sure you work with suppliers, contractors and others. Ask them if they would be interested in writing a guest blog article on your blog. Obviously, you would need to review and approve the topic and article before publishing it. In exchange, you can give them a link from their article to their website (SEO value for them). You might also consider asking them if you could be a guest writer on their blog (if they have one).

7. Some of your clients might also make good guest article writers particularly if they are in a related business.

8. Talk about the quality of the individual materials you use or special services you perform. Focus on one type of material/service for each article.

9. Ask the experts in each area of your company to write down the various tasks they work on in a given day. Go through that task list for some ideas.

10. Post relevant news items about your company, your industry or anything related to your business that you would consider news-worthy. Adding a new employee with a great background and experience, providing new services, new relationships (vendors/suppliers, customers, etc). You may also want to consider having IQnection do press releases for distribution on the web for some of these news items as well.

11. Write about things that did not go well initially but you eventually turned around. “Recently while doing XXXXX for one of our clients in Fort Washington, PA our truck got the worst of it…”

Hopefully this will give you some ideas to inspire your writing. If you still feel like you’re stuck, contact our Web Marketing department and we can help!

Keep those blog articles flowing…

-Frank Stoczko, Marketing Strategy Analyst at IQnection

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