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Website Content for your Business

IQnection Web Marketing DoylestownContent has always been a valued element of Search Engine Optimization and with Google’s recent updates it is more and more important. No matter what size your business, having good quality content on your website is important.

However, content does take time to produce and when you are a small business it can be hard to create regular content for your website.

There are several options for a small business to create a website with a steady stream of useful content

Have a blog

If you are going to start creating a stream of content for your website, the easiest way to integrate it is by starting a blog. It is simple to add to the structure of your website and gives you the opportunity to write articles on current industry trends or your business’s achievements. It gives you a place to talk directly with your customers and maybe be a little less formal than normal, creating a more personal relationship.

Blogs allow customer relations. By adding a comment section after every post, you can relate to your readers. Replying to comments will encourage further discussion on the topics.

Have a plan for content distribution

  • Use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word allowing readers to see a snippet of the text and provide a link back to your site where they can read the complete post.
  • Start an email based monthly newsletter with links to your top blog posts and a rundown of any important company activities. Remember to create a signup option on your blog, website and on your social media sites.
  • Set up an RSS feed. This can be a great tool for pulling in more readers. Allowing people to subscribe to your RSS feed means that whenever you add new content to your site they will get a notification about it and a link, which will hopefully entice them to visit your site.

Hire someone who can write

It is essential you have someone who can write good quality posts. Writing is not everyone’s forte. If you do not have someone in your company who can do it consider IQnection’s SEO Content Creation Department. We have skilled copywriters on staff that can help create content for your blog or website. By optimizing your content for targeted keywords your posts will begin to rank on Google Search Results.

Having a good quality blog can only enhance your site. It should help your rankings and encourage more people to visit, and hopefully link to, your website.
So what are you waiting for?

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