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Website Redesign for your Business

Are you considering a website redesign for your business website? If so, keep these tips in mind and let IQnection help you through the development:

  1. Your #1 Goal is to attract more visitors and leads. Focus on the results you want: more visitors, leads, and customers; then make decisions based on these goals.
  2. Avoid any consequences by reviewing your assets. It is possible that a redesign can negatively affect your results by unintentionally removing existing “assets” like pages and links that are driving the most leads. Analyze your most powerful pages and links and protect them during the redesign process.
  3. Invest in content that attracts visitors and converts them into leads. Focus on function by creating an ongoing content creation strategy like a blog that continually adds content to your website..
  4. Create conversions with ‘calls to action’ and landing pages. Once visitors are coming to your website, give them the opportunity to give you their contact information in exchange for content. Use your landing pages.
  5. Measure the impact of visitors and leads. Make sure you have website analytics in place to measure the progress toward your goals.

Your business website is a business tool and should deliver positive business results.

If you are looking for Philadelphia Web Design you should consider reviewing our services. We provide excellent custom designs with great programming.

Contact IQnection to learn more about how we can help you analyze your website, create content, and capture more leads.

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