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Benefits of a Blog

For a small business adding a Blog to your website maybe a big decision, and one you may think not worth the extra work it could entail. However, there are benefits that can be obtained by adding a company Blog. Here are a few:

  • Adding Content for Search Engines
    • For every Blog post published you are adding another page to your website. This means you can create content and include the keywords you are trying to rank for in the search engine results. Adding these pages gives the search engine ‘spiders’ additional pages to ‘crawl’. When writing the content, use up to 10 new keywords you want to target. These can include longer phrases that contain these keywords. The more pages you can get into the top search engine results, the greater the potential for more visitors.
  • Fresh Content
    • Search engines like websites that have new, fresh content. By posting to your Blog, you are updating your websites content. In addition, for every Blog post you are adding another URL to your site. This in turn gives the search engines a reason to come back and crawl your pages. Not to mention the benefits for your viewers. You can Blog about new products or new trends in your industry. This in turn can generate more sales and leads.
  • The Power of Links
    • One of the keys to search engine rankings is the amount of ‘inbound links’ to your site. Links are how search engines find new web pages. By linking your Blog posts to relevant pages of your website you are sending signals to the search engines to see the connections between your pages and the content.
  • Avoid Duplicate Content
    • Search engines do their best to avoid showing duplicate content in search results. Try and publish original content which will rank better.

A Blog is a great way to keep your content new and in turn boost your search engine results. In addition to giving people reason to revisit your site often. There are no rules as to the number of posts needed to be published and even once a month is a good place to start. Ideally Blog posts need not be larger than 400 words. Half of all Blogs average 100-250 words.

Thanks to Kristin Page of for her article.

IQnection can design a WordPress Blog for your existing website insuring the experience of moving between your site and your Blog is transparent to your visitors. In addition, our Web Marketing Services can write and optimize your Blog posts. If you are interested in adding a Blog to your website, contact us for more information.

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