Email Marketing

Email Marketing Keeps Customers Involved

Email marketing is one of the great drivers of direct conversions. A high-quality and well managed email list of past and potential customers is one of the most valuable marketing tools an organization can maintain. Email keeps your web presence and your brand at the top of a consumer’s mind. It allows you to have a direct conversation with them on a consistent basis. It reinforces your company’s reputation as an industry leader, and as a trusted and valuable partner. And it also allows you to keep your biggest and most dedicated fans informed of your current activities, your specials, and more.


IQnection’s team of email marketing specialists focus on creating and maintaining solid, customized, permission-based email lists for our clients. From drip campaigns to weekly emails to one-off product specials, we have the tools to make email marketing convert for you.

Email marketing isn’t limited to just sales or ecommerce opportunities. Using white papers, buyer’s guides, informational mailings and more, we can reinforce your brand and business objectives while providing multiple touch-points along your sales cycle.

We create our email campaigns to fit your sales cycle, no matter the size or duration. Our drip email campaigns can put emails into your customers’ inboxes at any interval you choose, hitting them with a timely and targeted sales pitch at exactly the right moment.

Get started on email marketing today. Contact us and see how we can take you to the next level.

Easily Grow Your Email Lists. 

example: "site email gate" being used to build a mailing list

We don’t just manage your email campaigns. We help increase your email reach with innovative new ways of capturing addresses, multiple ways of sharing information via email, and more. We also help you avoid some of the downsides of email marketing, such as oversaturation and spaminess.