New Site Launch: Champions Oncology


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Founded in 2007, Champions Oncology has grown from a single service platform to a full-service contract research organization.

Armed with their industry’s most-highly characterized tumor bank of relevant clinical and molecular data, their mission is to meet “the challenges of cancer drug development by providing innovative solutions that ultimately improve patients’ lives.”

In short this is an innovative company…but one that – until recently – had an average website.

Our challenge here was two-fold. Champions Oncology needed a site that spoke with authority, that conveyed their confidence in their brand and focused on their strength.

But the project also required a fairly complex Salesforce integration, along with a connection to the marketing platform HubSpot.

It was also a project with a short turn-around. We began work in earnest at the start of 2020 and took the site live in mid-February.

Champions Oncology’s new site is much more reflective of the caliber of work they provide. And with their HubSpot partnership, they’re accessing business intelligence they wouldn’t otherwise have, allowing them to target specific customers.

We’re proud to have been able to give Champions Oncology a product that’s not simply a website, but a full-integrated marketing tool. Contact our sales team to learn how IQnection can do the same for you.

New Site Launch: Pine Run Retirement Community

Based in Doylestown, Pine Run Retirement Community is thriving senior living and continuing care community dedicated to promoting wellness, independence and exceptional care.  

It’s a beautiful, welcoming campus, deserving of an equally welcoming and beautiful website. 

But when Pine Run commissioned us to upgrade their site, we knew we needed to do more than just focus on aesthetics.  

It was important for us to create a structure for this site that made sense for the residents of Pine Run and their families, while also showcasing the high-quality support and benefits available to people considering moving to Pine Run.  

We also wanted to make sure we highlighted Pine Run’s affiliation with the Doylestown Health system and the continuum of care they offer. 

IQnection is extremely proud of this project and in our role in helping Pine Run promote its services and offer Bucks County’s elder population the care and comfort they deserve. 

If you’d like to know how our team can help your organization attract a new audience, contact our sales team. We look forward to showing how we can help your company grow. 


What is Inbound Marketing Web Design?

The internet has been around long enough that we’ve come to think of websites from its early days the way we think of our parents’ basements from the 1970s: We picture the wood paneling, and we cringe.

Inbound marketing’s goal is to get a prospect’s attention and bring them to your website. But a clunky late ‘90s-style website may have the opposite effect, chasing potential customers away from a business. It may be that the site just isn’t aesthetically pleasing, or it may just be too busy. Continue reading “What is Inbound Marketing Web Design?” »

An Inbound Approach to Webpage Design

At IQnection, our digital marketing team spends each day focused on one goal: getting people to our clients’ websites.

That means researching who the client’s audience is, creating great content that speaks to their customers and potential customers, making sure that content is filled with the right keywords for search engine optimization purposes, and promoting it on social media. Continue reading “An Inbound Approach to Webpage Design” »

Why You Need a Responsive Website. Now

They called it “Mobilegeddon.”

It was the name given to Google’s algorithm update in 2015 that favored sites in mobile search that had incorporated responsive design, ranking them ahead of sites that hadn’t made the switch.

Consider this “Son of Mobilegeddon”: Google says on its Webster Blog that it is “rolling out an update to mobile search results that increases the effect of the ranking signal to help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.” Continue reading “Why You Need a Responsive Website. Now” »

Time to Upgrade: Why Your Internet Explorer Isn’t Working

Internet ExplorerBrowse through the latest news on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and you get the sense the browser doesn’t have a lot of fans.

“Internet Explorer’s Slow, Agonizing Death Accelerates.”

“The Sorry Legacy of Internet Explorer.”

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6 Ways To Reduce The Bounce Rate On Your Website

Inbound MarketingLet’s start with the basics. What is bounce rate? Bounce rate (as defined by Google Analytics) is the percentage of visits that only go to one page before exiting the site. Bounce rate measures the quality of your visits and a high bounce rate usually indicates that your entrance page isn’t relevant to your visitors.

Sites with a high bounce rate struggle to keep visitors long enough to convert into customers. You want your visitors to spend a good amount of time clicking on different pages, reading additional content and moving their way toward a conversion. Your ultimate goal is to reduce your bounce rate by looking for ways to keep visitors on your site. 

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Do I Need A Website or A Marketing Program?

iStock_000038564992_SmallYou've got a new business, and it's time to build your website.

Here’s the question you need to ask yourself: Do I need website or a marketing program?

The answer: You need both, and they're not mutually exclusive.

Obviously, at this point every business needs a website. But your website isn't just a pretty face. It's part of your marketing program.

Your website should serve as the hub of all your online marketing: blog posts, articles, videos, and links to your social media feeds.

More and more business-to-business marketers say they are embracing inbound marketing -- that is, creating original content that can inform or entertain their customers or potential customers -- as an alternative to traditional advertising. It’s a way of engaging in a relationship with customer online, since that’s where most of their buying decisions are now made.

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Stop Apologizing For Your Out-of-Date Website

Website ReDesignTake it from a website design and online marketing company that’s been in business for more than 15 years: It's usually pretty easy for customers to tell if you have an out-of-date website. How? It could be your site’s behind-the-times look. After all, trends in website design do tend to change every few years. It could also be your site’s lack of fresh, regularly updated content. (Or maybe it’s the "Copyright 2010" symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of your homepage?)

Whatever the case, there's no need to keep apologizing for an antiquated site. Instead, it's time to focus on getting set up with a site that looks current, and more importantly, a site that converts visitors into prospects.

No matter what you’re selling, it's an undeniable fact that the Internet is where many of your customers will first encounter your company. And to paraphrase the old shampoo ad, you'll never get a second chance to make a first impression with your website.

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The 26 Most Commonly Used Website Pages

Article Read Time: About 3 minutes
Bonus Content: FREE worksheets to help you get started.

Website Design ResourcesIn a recent post, we wrote about the planning process you should take yourself through when it comes time to create content for your website. If you missed that article, go back and read it now before reading this one. You’ll find three free worksheets in that post that should help to get the development of your website's content moving in the right direction. 

After you have your three worksheets and all your information organized—and once you’re clear in the understanding that you’re writing your website's content for your customers’ benefit and not your own—read through the following tips. Aside from being a list of the most commonly used pages that appear on website, they explain what you should include on each main page of your website.

Not all of these pages, of course, will be appropriate for your business to use. But being aware of the most commonly used pages can help you make decisions about what to include—and what not to include—in your site architecture.

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