Why Video Marketing Should Matter to Manufacturers

Video Marketing is key to inbound content success. If content is king, then video content is the king of kings.

Over the next few years, video is expected to be the dominant form of online content, driving most if not all of consumer traffic.

There are many ways to do content marketing: social media, infographics, blog posts, e-books, articles, and whitepapers.

But it’s video that you need to master if you want to properly market your manufacturing company. Consider these facts from Cloudswave:

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The 5 Most Popular Ways for Medical Device Manufacturers to Build Contact Lists

Graphic conept for Email Lists

Your business needs email.

That’s true whether your company is a small, three-person medical device start-up or a corporation with offices on three continents.

Building an email list is one of the easiest ways medical device manufacturers can keep in touch with customers and potential customers. Continue reading “The 5 Most Popular Ways for Medical Device Manufacturers to Build Contact Lists” »

How B2B Companies Are Successfully Using Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound Marketing for B2BDig down to the core of inbound marketing and you’ll find a basic idea: bring customers to you, rather than going out to find them.

And the great thing about inbound is that it works whether you’re a B2C or a B2B company.

Think about it: engineers and procurement professionals do the bulk of their research and buying online. Inbound marketing allows you to tell them how your company can solve their problems. Continue reading “How B2B Companies Are Successfully Using Inbound Marketing Strategies” »

5 Types of Email Marketing Your Manufacturing Company Needs

How many people in the world use email? Email is a key marketing tool for manufacturing - or any business

More than the number of people living in China and India – the world’s two most populous countries – combined.

That gives businesses 2.5 billion reasons to consider email as a marketing tool. In order to save time and space, we’ll just focus on six reasons:

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How Video Marketing Can Help Manufactures Connect with Customers

For manufacturers, video has become a key component in marketing their products. Nearly half of all manufacturers use YouTube and other video hosting platforms to share information.

We’ve argued before about the importance of video in the world of inbound marketing, as videos as expected to account for 80 percent of all web traffic by 2019.


But today we’re going to focus on marketing for manufacturers. If you’re a manufacturing company that hasn’t yet started using video marketing, here are some things to consider.

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Manufacturing Day in the Philly Metro Region

Manufacturing Day will take place on Friday, October 7th and companies throughout the Philadelphia metro region will participate.   At IQnection, we have strong ties to the manufacturing community.  We not only support several local manufacturing groups, but we have provided digital marketing services to manufacturers both large and small.MFD_Logo_nodate_2015_R_Color.png

For us, Manufacturing Day is in many ways a marketing event.  It was launched to bring awareness to the importance of manufacturing businesses in our country and the jobs they create.  It is also an excellent opportunity to reach out to local students, teachers and parents to educate them on the importance of STEM skills and education. Continue reading “Manufacturing Day in the Philly Metro Region” »

Getting The Most From Your Trade Show

Manufacturing Tradeshow MarketingIt’s less than 24 hours since the trade show ended. You are back at your desk with a pile of business cards. You know that you need to contact the people that you met, but what should you say? How should you contact them? When is the right time?

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8 Winning Topics for Your Manufacturing Blog

Manufacturing BlogWriter’s block is no joke. You think and think, but every sentence you type feels like you’re trying to move a piano up a staircase.

This is tough when you are making a living from your ability to put words on a page, or when your business needs to generate content for its blog.

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How to Differentiate Your Value as a Manufacturer

Every business wants to stand out. If you’re a company like Apple, it’s easy.

If you’re a manufacturer making, say, tiny machine parts, it gets a lot harder to differentiate yourself.

Harder, but not impossible. Last year, the Manufactures Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) polled its members about differentiating their value.

Manufacturing Marketing

Here are five things they learned: Continue reading “How to Differentiate Your Value as a Manufacturer” »

How to Use Content Marketing to Attract Design Engineers?

content marketingYou may have heard this joke before: “Arguing with an engineer is like trying to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.”

Like all good jokes, there’s some truth to this.  Engineers are tenacious and don’t have time to waste. They are wired to look for ways to improve productivity, stretch the limits and look for creative alternatives to a problem.

And engineering departments are pressed for time, just like everyone else. Multiple priorities and conflicting deadlines are the norm.   Continue reading “How to Use Content Marketing to Attract Design Engineers?” »