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IQnection is a web marketing agency.  Our commitment to our customers starts with our team, which is our greatest resource. At IQnection, we believe that the best things that we can do for our customers is to give them access to the best and brightest marketing people around. 

We take a hard-working, humble approach with our clients, and build long term relationships that last many years. We love this industry and what we do. We know that when we assemble a team that genuinely loves their work, and is aligned with our client's success, amazing things happen.

As a web marketing agency, we have spent nearly 20 years managing website designsearch engine optimization (SEO), and inbound marketing campaigns. It’s allowed us to spot the hurdles on the path to success and overcome them. There’s nothing that makes us happier than celebrating your wins.

Our team has worked with businesses of all sizes from a variety of industries, from small, local family-owned firms to global contract manufacturers.

We’ve created custom technical solutions for ecommerce websites, and crafted memorable, high-impact messaging for B2B and B2C websites.

Think of our team as an extension of your in-house team.

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Our Process


Our process reflects our commitment to relationships that deliver success. Building a strong relationship starts in our sales process. We ask a lot of questions to ensure a good fit. We identify goals and the best kind of engagement to help you reach them. 

Kick Off

Every project starts with an in-depth kick-off meeting. You meet your team, and the team learns from you, first-hand, about the things that matter most in your business and to your customers. Goals are restated and further clarified. Our objective is always to deliver on the items you identify as most valuable.

Onboarding and Setup

During the onboarding process the team creates the foundation for a successful campaign. This may include updates to your website, rebranding of social media interfaces, initial content development, import of existing email lists, initial keyword research, or set up of your marketing automation platform. Every client is different and we flex to meet the needs of each unique project.

Campaign Strategy and Launch

Once we have fully understood your goals, and have put a strong foundation in place, the team develops campaigns aligned with your goals. Campaigns can be anything from Google AdWords programs and SEO, to content marketing and social media promotions. We review tactics and strategy with you regularly to make sure we’re always working on the things that matter most to your business. You always have the opportunity to review campaigns and provide feedback before they launch.

Analysis and Review

Our team reviews data on the benchmarks and performance of every campaign. This allows us to evaluate which tactics are delivering and which ones need to be adjusted. Using a wide variety of tracking and reporting tools allows us to focus campaigns on what’s really working.

Curious about our process and what it could look like for you?

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