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How to Give Your Brand a Boost on Facebook

Do you ever get on Facebook scroll down about 10 posts on your feed and all you see is nonsense?

If your feed is anything like mine then it’s full of creepy ads from products you viewed a week ago, pictures from your friend who moved across the country, and weird comments from your Great Aunt Mildred.

But then there’s the good stuff.

A notice about a sale from your favorite brand, a video of your baby niece’s first steps, a cute baby goat, and an upcoming online pet adoption runway show from your local SPCA.

According to HubSpot, Facebook is the primary distribution channel for content for 2020. How do you keep your brand above the noise and make a meaningful impact?

And, how do you create content that people actually watch?

Drumroll please….

Be Authentic.

What does that mean?

It means creating real content that involves real people, real emotions, covering real topics, and answering your real client’s questions and needs.

How do you do that?

With the three “C’s”: consistency, connection, and concise

Create a consistent posting schedule.

No, you do not need to buy a top of the line video camera, recording crew, and production manager.

You just need your cell phone camera and 10 minutes three times a week. If three is too many, start with one!

It’s important to share regularly so that people used to seeing you and will look forward to your content.

The Mere Exposure effect posits that people associate the last thing they’ve seen about a topic with that topic. For example, if I say “holiday” you’d probably think about the most recent one first despite how many there are in total.

By posting regularly about your brand or product you’ll stay fresh in customer’s minds.

Small, real, and authentic will win over generic every time.

Connect with your customers.

Content that shares real moments with your real customers is more engaging.

Look for opportunities in interactions with customers, questions people have asked in the past, host Facebook Live opportunities, join local Facebook groups, and share reviews and testimonials.

Here’s a great way to use content:

Andrew is a pet photographer.

He captured a 10-second video of a photoshoot of his client and their pooch. He shared the photo with the local Dog lover’s Facebook group. Then, on his page, he shared a quick one-minute clip of the dog owner talking about the photoshoot to his Facebook story.

In the clip, the client mentioned the local shelter where they found their dog. Once his photos were finalized, Andrew shared two more on social media and tagged the shelter. The shelter, in turn, shared Andrew’s photos.

By focusing on how happy the owner was with their dog, Andrew connected with his client and was able to highlight a local business.

Keep your videos concise.

How do you stand out in a world of noise and limited attention?

By posting and paying attention to private groups, your local micro-influencers, and social movements that are relevant to your brand/product/service.

Keep your videos under 30 seconds and please do not edit them. Being the “real you” will create more trust.

Also, staying in conversations and sharing your authentic personality and values can often trigger more meaningful one-on-one conversations and interactions on Facebook with your audience and next client.

So, in a world of creepy ads be a baby goat. Authentic content will help your brand build meaningful interactions with your customers.

If you need help optimizing, planning, sharing your authentic self and your story in a way that makes an impact, call Sherah Cooney at IQnection to make 2021 matter.

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